073 - SEO Migrations


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Doing a migration is not as simple as it seems.  Many things need to be considered because in doing SEO migrations a lot can go wrong in the process such as some content can get lost or something can provoke your rankings to go down. It is important that you seek the advice of an expert to help you in the process of migration in order that the more important elements are kept and the downward ranking is kept at a temporary status.  It is understandable, though,  that Google's response to a site will be very different for the relaunched new version.  In the same way, it is also common for Google to change the ranking slightly downwards until they slowly see how users react. 

Podcast Highlights:

00:01 Prologue

00:34 Introduction of the topic 

01:11 Beginning CTA 

01:45 Why is there a need to be careful when doing migrations?

02:30 What are the first steps that SEO Leverage does when doing migrations?

03:24 How does Google react upon seeing a newly migrated page or a relaunched new version?

05:03 Why is it important to secure a trusted and expert person or agency to help in the migration process? 

05:28 How should you proceed if you need assistance in the migration process?  

06:35 End


The ERICA SEO Framework:

SEO Migrations

Like most businesses, you rely on your website to bring in new customers and drive sales. However, Google is constantly changing its algorithms, which can wreak havoc on a website's ranking if you're not prepared.

When it's time to make changes to your site, you want to ensure that you're doing everything to maintain your SEO. SEO migration keeps your website visible in the ever-changing landscape of Google's search results. 

In this episode, Gert Mellak will provide tips for making the transition as smooth as possible for users and search engines alike.

Why take SEO Migration seriously?

If you're like most business owners, you're always looking for ways to improve your website and boost your search engine ranking. In fact, you may have even made plans to migrate to a new platform to do just that.

But before you make a move, it's essential to understand why you need to do it with proper caution and care.

Gert believes that SEO migrations are tricky. And for one reason, there are many moving parts in the process itself. Anytime you change your website, there is potential for something to go wrong.

Perhaps, changing your website – whether you're moving to a new site structure or switching from HTTP to HTTPS – can sometimes harm your site. Then, all those essential elements like meta titles and internal links and external links need to be checked.

Google takes these things seriously once they're different on your new page version. That's why it's worth noting that you take website migration seriously. And then plan everything out in advance.

How to Successfully Execute Site Immigration

SEO immigration is not as simple as hitting the publish button or changing the theme. Google sees it as a completely different site, which means rankings can be affected. 

So, here's an SEO website migration checklist based on SEOLeverage™️ experience.

Run a Complete Audit on the Current Website

You've been running your business website for a while. Then, you've finally realized that you need to make some changes.

The good news is that making those updates or changes can be a breeze with the right approach. And even better, it can help improve your website's ranking. You can identify the broken links and know the site performance by executing site audits.

If you're thinking about site migration, you should keep these things in mind:

  • What are the new or old URLs that drive the organic search traffic?
  • What kind of search queries to depend upon to get the specific traffic?
  • What are those URLs that drive the highest amount of conversions?

In a nutshell, it's essential to have all the SEO components in place before migrating. So, the following questions will give you a clear focus on what needs to be in place on this new website. Besides that, make sure that you preserve as much as possible from the existing traffic.

What to do if there's a temporary downward trend after the migration?

There is a chance, which happens in your existing site very often. But you need to ensure reducing this to a very minimum.

So, the more things, the more essential elements you keep in place in the new site version, the lower this downward trend usually is. Google needs to recrawl all new pages. Then, it needs to establish whether the old signals still apply or they need to collect new signals.

The site's rankings might even increase if a new site version is better. And in the worst case, Google is not going to either find the content they relied on for specific rankings. That's why a lot of things change. So, make sure that you take migration seriously, and it's not like you just hit the publish button.

Ask help from a trusted SEO agency

There is nothing worse than having all the positive emotions and feelings around the new launch—your excitement. And then, suddenly see how the traffic tanks because the site migrations or Google didn't go as expected.

That's why it makes sense that you work with someone you trust. Look for an expert who can guide you and provide more assistance in the site migration process.

Gert and his team have defined a process to follow over the years to ensure that the main elements are in place. Additionally, do multiple iterations to give their clients feedback on what is still missing in the entire site. They keep an eye on things and make any necessary adjustments.

Identify Google's Perspective on Ranking Website

What are the things you rely on to get your rankings while migrating a website? Or are those elements you need part of a successful migration?

With each new update, there is the potential for drastic changes in how Google ranks websites. If the main components are in place, Google can likely leverage most of the signals they already have about your site. And you can essentially move forward with your new design with your new platform, and so on. A successful SEO migration can lead to improved traffic and conversions.

So, What's Next?

Even something as simple as changing your website theme can impact your rankings. Many businesses are hesitant to change their sites, fearing losing search engine visibility.

By following the guide, you can ensure that you can have successful site migration. And if you would like to learn more about how Gert approaches SEO, get their book on the Erica framework. They'd love to share more tips with you!

Connect with Gert Mellak:

Email: [email protected]

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