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Some Global BUSINESSES Who Trust Us With Their SEO

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First, we learn about your business

Only if we clearly understand your business model and industry can we do our best work.

In our first conversation, we will ask you a lot of questions about your business.

Only if we clearly understand your business model and growth plan, can we develop your brand's SEO strategy.

After all, you know that SEO done right can flick the switch on a constant stream of leads and new customers.

With Google’s unpredictable CPCs and Facebook’s under siege pixel sending CPMs skyward, SEO has never been more important.

In a world where anyone with a credit card can buy PPC ads, SEO can be your business’ moat. Your competitive advantage. Because, when you play offense, SEO is like a marketing fortress that can’t be penetrated overnight.

Let's get started with those questions!

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Most SEO Leverage Clients
2x SEO results in only 6 months!

What Our Clients Say

Gert far exceeded our expectations, got back to us much quicker than we thought he would, and provided lots of detail and suggestions about our business that we didn’t know about.
joseph n gerocs

Joseph N. Gerocs


Epic site audit with easy to follow, prioritized action steps. It’s a pleasure to work with Gert and his team!
ezra firestone

Ezra Firestone

The site audit really gave us enough material to improve our site over the following months, resulting in an almost immediate 15% plus in traffic and continued this way over several months.
luis torrejon

Luis Torrejón


SEO tactics

Whatever SEO Tactics You’ve Tried In Your Business, Have You Ever Thought To Yourself...

“I Should Be Doing More About SEO...”?

You know your business and services are exactly what customers need... but you still have to convince Google
of this fact.

If you are like most business owners, creators and online marketers - the chances are you have put time, money and effort into SEO at some point.

You might even have a bookshelf or Kindle full of books on SEO.

You’re a student of the marketing game, but SEO has been an “on and off” thing for you.

Sure, you focus on it when you can every few weeks, in between the million and one other tasks on your plate

Have You Been Watching On As Organic Traffic, Rankings, Leads & Conversions Dwindle...?

  • Have rankings you held for years vanished without explanation?
  • Are you spending more and more each month on PPC ads because SEO simply hasn’t worked?
  • Have competitors come out of nowhere and flown past you in the rankings?
  • Are you churning out content filled with carefully selected keywords that produce almost zero traffic?
  • Does your site have about as much authority as an intern at a Fortune 500 company?
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Sound Familiar?

The Truth Is That Most Businesses Don’t Take Serious SEO Action Until The Wheels Fall Off

You know your business and services are exactly what customers need... but you still have to convince Google of this fact.

If you are like most business owners, creators and online marketers. The chances are you have put time, money and effort into SEO at some point.

You might even have a bookshelf or Kindle full of books on SEO.

You’re a student of the marketing game, but SEO has been an “on and off” thing for you.

Sure, you focus on it when you can every few weeks, in between the million and one other tasks on your plate

Long-term, sustainable SEO growth depends on one thing as much as anything else... consistent effort based on the right plan.

And it starts by understanding this simple reality...

You Need To Know Where Google Is Going, And Get There First We Help You Do Just That...

Everyday Google’s artificial intelligence gets more intelligent and more unpredictable (Damn you, robots!)

The reality is it’s no longer 2001... where a handful of keywords and a nice meta description is all it took to get on page 1

SEO today moves at lightspeed. What worked last month is just as likely not to work next. So, to consistently grow your SEO results, you have to evolve with Google. And predict where it’s all-seeing algorithm is going next.

Sure, quick SEO wins are possible.

To generate high-value organic traffic and build long-lasting, sustainable organic results, you need an SEO plan every 2 weeks...

...not once or twice a year

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SEO Consulting
Strategic SEO for your business
seo consulting erica framework

ERICA Is A Simple And Strategic SEO Framework That Drives Consistent SEO Growth & Conversions By Keeping You Ahead Of The Curve (And Your Competitors)

ERICA Works In Lockstep With How Google’s Algorithm Thinks To Regularly Optimize Every Element That Impacts Your Site’s Ongoing SEO Success.

ERICA stands for.. Execution, Research, Inter-Linking, Content and Action Steps.

Every two weeks, the SEOLeverage™️ team applies this framework to give you the exact steps to follow to boost your SEO rankings and conversions.

Think of ERICA like a personal trainer in the gym.

Using the Framework, our team lays out the clear action steps that will have the biggest impact on your SEO results your team simply follows them.

Then, like a great personal trainer, we keep up the momentum with regular check-ins, loom videos and periodic workshops.

It’s the SEO consistency you want so badly, minus the effort and second guessing.

Put simply, no matter what Google does, SEOLeverage™️ keeps your site optimized to the latest SEO standards at all times to generate consistent organic traffic, leads and sales.

This Proven Framework Is Your Team’s End-To-End SEO Strategy For Achieving Consistent SEO Growth...

...That Goes Way Beyond Simply Keywords And Meta Descriptions To Dig Deep Into Functionality, Competitors, User Experience and Much More


Get a clear picture of your site’s SEO performance to gain the most complete understanding of your SEO available. In this stage you will receive...

  • Your overall search and website performance.
  • Which keywords drive the most traffic and impressions for your website.
  • Which URLs are sending traffic to your website–and if any put you at risk.
  • A deep analysis of impressions, clicks and CTR using Google Search Console and Analytics.
  • A conversion focused analysis aligned with your overall marketing strategy.
  • A clear benchmarking analysis against competitors to understand the competitive landscape.

Plus much more...


We’ll do deep dive research of your content, competitors, keywords, site issues, topics, strategies and tactics to see what’s working, what ’s not and how Google views your site. In this stage you will receive...

  • End-to-end performance checks, including site speed.
  • In-depth competitive research to see what’s working for your competitors and where they get their traffic.
  • Content research to find subtopics for your niche to capitalize on.
  • User experience tests on desktop and mobile to minimize bounce rates.

Plus much more...


Internal linking and external backlinks are what tie Google searches and your website’s SEO performance together. In this stage you will receive..

  • Exactly how your existing backlinks are contributing to your SEO results.
  • How to strategically use internal linking to boost ranking power.
  • How to design your site structure in a way that boosts SEO and user experience.
  • If toxic links are harming your rankings (and how to get rid of them).
  • How to securely protect your “link profile” with frequent done-for-you link audits.

Plus much more...


Proven methods for structuring and optimizing your content using market-leading neurolinguistic processing analysis will enhance how Google looks at your content. In this stage you will receive...

  • An audit of your existing content to understand it’s performance.
  • Tons of new content ideas and strategies that will boost SEO.
  • Pinpoint which content drives the most conversions and focus your traffic there.
  • How to make continuous updates to old content so they work for today’s SEO.
  • Rankings-boosting ways for structuring your website content and articles.
  • Fresh content ideas to generate and convert more traffic, including lead magnet ideas.

Plus much more...

Action Steps

Finally, every 2 weeks you will receive clear, detailed step-by-step instructions for your team to focus on with support from your personal SEO Leverage consultant. Every 14 days, you will receive...

  • Immediate actions to take to boost your site’s performance, content, backlinks and more.
  • A clear plan for your SEO for the weeks ahead.
  • Conversion-optimization tactics for high traffic, low conversion sites.
  • Expert guidance for on-site lead generation strategies.
  • Vital revisions you need to make to your website to keep your SEO momentum.
  • Detailed video updates from your SEO consultant.
  • The SEO tasks our team will be working on internally to support your SEO efforts

Plus much more...

Consistent SEO Action Leads To Consistent Results, So Take A Look At Just Some We Have Helped Our Clients Achieve...

This e-commerce business grew their organic results by 350%+ over the course of 24 months 
with SEOLeverage™️ and our proven methodology:

growing business

And this online course business grew their organic results by 200%+ in just one month with ERICA...


Plus this online course business generated 100,000+ more clicks YOY over a 3-month period with ERICA...

click graph image

ERICA Is Your SEO “Advanced Warning System” That Gives You A Quick, Easy-to-Follow Plan Every 2 Weeks 
to Stay on Top

Applying the ERICA Framework To Your Business Will Finally Give Your SEO Efforts The Consistency That Google Demands  For High Rankings. You Will...

  • Streamline your SEO efforts to stop wasting time
  • Make SEO a key pillar of your marketing success
  • Reduce your dependence and spend on PPC ads
  • Get found faster by more customers who need what you offer
  • Make sure your SEO is ALWAYS moving forward
In other words, it’s every single step needed for more organic traffic, leads and sales laid out in a simple-to-implement way.
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Easily Manage Your SEO Performance All In One Place With The Free SEO Leverage Web App

The SEOLeverage™️ App Streamlines Your SEO With A KPI Overview Dashboard, Conversion Analysis, Strategic Tasks, Technical Information And Many More Customized Reports.

Get Access To ...

  • A checklist of your research tasks with detailed explainers.
  • A clear representation of your interlinking status.
  • Content tasks to make sure your content matches Google’s preferences.
  • Simple-to-follow action steps mapped out for the next 2 weeks.
  • Discussion sections for direct feedback from our team.
  • Technical information based on continuous site crawls.
  • Easy-to-read reports outlining winning and losing URLs.
  • Regular reports and analysis to reveal highest value content topics.
  • Personal 15-minute consultation call scheduling with Gert Mellak anytime you need.
  • An ever-growing on-demand library of instructional videos totackle your daily SEO tasks.

Plus, so much more... It's every SEO insight, tactic and resource you need to CONSISTENTLY get ongoing SEO results that translate into more traffic, leads and sales.

What Our Clients Say

To say that I am thrilled with the wonderful performance of Gert, Cristina and the rest of the SEOLeverage™️ team would be a gross understatement. Many SEO companies make all kinds of promises, but this company delivers. Their methodical approach to improving organic SEO is second to none. I am so happy that our law found Gert and his team and we are beyond happy with the job that they have done.

Jim Hacking


Recently opted for SEO Leverage's quick audit after a friend's recommendation. Gert was very professional and submitted results much faster than expected. He provided us with a list of issues to tackle, all of which I was oblivious to, and made it clear which items were the most important. I'm looking forward to using his more in depth service in the future when the time comes.

Evan Bleker

We've been working with SEO LEverage since last year June. The results have been outstanding. We've gone from not being even in the first 10 pages, to position 1 to 5 on the first page. Fantastic work, outstanding result. Highly recommended!

Ali Nemati


Here Are Just A Few More Of The Kind Of Results You Can Expect With The ERICA Framework...

This consulting business more than doubled their organic traffic I just a few months...

organic traffic image

And this coaching business increased their organic visibility by 9x in just four months...


Start Your Ongoing Consulting Today And Get...

...Real-Time Access To The Latest SEO Insights And Tactics That Will Help You Consistently Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors And Drive Organic Business Growth.

Here’s everything your Ongoing Consulting Package Includes...

  • 4 dedicated SEO specialists are assigned to your business
  • 2 monthly video updates about the status and next steps
  • A constantly updated, customized SEO action plan
  • Special access to the SEO Leverage Web App to manage and monitor your SEO
  • Always-there support directly inside the App or via our help desk
  • Weekly QnA calls in 2 time-zones
  • On-demand quick check-ins with our Chief SEO, Gert, when needed
  • Weekly SEO Insiders’ Updates
  • Real-time SEO Dashboard
  • Periodic technical site audits
  • External and internal link analysis
  • Content gap analysis
  • Competitive research
  • Content structure, analysis and optimization

IMPORTANT: This is NOT A Generic, Automated Service... This Is In-Depth Human SEO Analysis

What you’ll find is that regular site audits are often done by automatic, white -label software without human SEO analysis. Then passed off as “personalized”. Our approach to SEO is vastly different.

It’s done manually through human analysis by four experienced SEOs who each bring a different SEO skill set. Because, when it comes to SEO, there’s still so much only a trained eye can understand.

So, while they sort our packages, drive our cars and cook our food, SEO is one place the robots haven’t overtaken us just yet.

*No lock in contracts. Cancel Anytime.
watching on image
personalized approach image

To Show You Just How Personalized Our Approach Is... You’ll Get Your Very Own SEO Leverage Consultant To Watch Over Your SEO

In our International SEOLeverage™️ Agency, we have an SEO Consulting service. You get a team of SEO consultants responsible for your site and getting exceptional SEO results.

There’s no bait and switch either, where the top dogs pitch you, then your project gets allocated to the first-year intern.

That’s because not only do you get your own personal project manager, but you also work with our SEO head honcho...

Our Founder and Chief SEO, Gert Mellak is directly involved in every part of your SEO project.

Meet The Human Behind The SEO... Who Will Personally Lead Your Ongoing SEO Project

gert big

Hi, I’m Gert...
Founder and Chief SEO at SEO Leverage.

I’ve been helping 500+ solopreneurs, coaches, online marketers, and international corporations like Regus, SmartMarketer and StealthSeminar grow their traffic and sales for the past 20 years.

I’ve been in the SEO game since back when Google was little more than a startup and just a handful of keywords was all it took to get to Page 1. Over the years, I have continuously optimized my approach to SEO, which has culminated in the creation of my ERICA framework and the SEOLeverage™️ App.

I can say without doubt this is the most effective way to consistently execute SEO to get TOP results.

Applying the framework and the machine-learning insights, our clients not only improve their rankings consistently but also skyrocket the number of conversions they get from organic search traffic.

As a marketing-savvy business owner, I know what it’s like. There’s a good chance, like many of our clients, that you’ve been burnt by another SEO agency before.

So, here’s my promise to you...

Unlike other SEO services, I am directly involved In every project. There’s no getting passed down the line. No talking to sales people with little idea about SEO.

SEO is about conversions, not just traffic. That’s why I get to know your business, goals and who your customers really are. Then build a plan that matches.

Ready to see what we can do for your SEO results?


With 20+ Years of SEO Experience, We Have Helped Businesses Survive and THRIVE Through Google’s Unpredictable Updates

...And will set your company’s SEO up to withstand whatever surprises the Google algorithm throws up in the future.

Here’s how we saved this online course business after Google’s June 2019 core update...

website traffic recovery

And finally, here’s how a consulting business recovered from a Google update and grew its organic traffic by 200%+ in just 17 days...

users graph image

As You Can See From These Consistent Results, Ongoing SEO With ERICA Can Easily Pay For Itself With New  Leads And Sales....

Ready To Make SEO Your Competitive Advantage?

*No lock in contracts. Cancel anytime.

P.S. Want A Quick Assessment Of What Could Be Holding Back Your Website’s SEO? 

Start With Our Quick Wins Report Today...

Start with a Quick Website Audit to gain a clear snapshot of what may be causing your SEO to underperform
–and discover what it’s like to work with SEOLeverage™️!

Quick Wins Info
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