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Grow your SEO with ERICA.

A simple and strategic SEO Framework
that keeps you ahead of the curve
(and your competitors).

The Secret to SEO that works:

By applying the ERICA framework consistently, online businesses like yours are growing with a consistent flow of qualified visitors, leads and sales from Google search.

ERICA stands for Execution, Research, Inter-Linking, Content, Action steps. The program suggests a periodic revision based on ERICA every 2 weeks. This keeps the momentum going, and assures your site is optimized based on latest standards at all times.

To streamline your SEO efforts, the ERICA program comes with access to your ERICA App, a web application specifically designed to accompany you and your team during your ERICA program, including an SEO dashboard, strategic tasks, permanent technical information and much more:

The SEO ERICA App’s main features are:

  • Dashboard of SEO performance, KPIs and key elements
  • Research tasks explained + lined up
  • Inter-Linking status illustrated
  • Content related tasks to assure your content matches Google’s preferences
  • Action steps lined up for the coming 2 weeks with discussion sections

On top of that, your app access will provide you with

  • Technical information based on continuous site crawls
  • Easy to read reports of winning and losing URLs and topics
  • The option to schedule in 15-minute consultation call with Gert Mellak when needed
  • A growing amount of instructional videos to tackle your daily SEO tasks

A look inside the ERICA Framework:

ERICA makes sure all elements impacting your site’s SEO success get taken care of – on a regular basis!


Your site’s current situation and evolution over time – also, compared to your competitors!


Research content, competitors, keywords, site issues, topics, strategies and tactics.


Internal linking and external backlinks – make sure you know what needs to happen and be aware of possible threats!



Content structure and optimization based on market-leading neurolinguistic processing analysis.


Action Steps

Detailed step by step instructions on what to focus on – for you and your team, as well as your consultants at SEOLeverage.com.

We appreciate the confidence and dedication of more and more clients that leverage our services in consulting, site audits, link building and implementation of top-notch SEO strategies and tactics:

We were really impressed with how knowledgeable and thorough he was. Thanks to Gert, our business has improved significantly. I recommend him for anyone who needs help with their SEO, content strategy, and site layout.

Joseph N. Gerocs

CEO @ 90daykorean.com

Ongoing organic progress is key to your successful SEO strategy.

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Testimonials & Featured Clients

Working with Gert on a monthly basis has been both a pleasure and rewarding for myself & Regus – i would highly recommend Gert to any company looking for SEO or online marketing. Absolute expert in his field and a real pleasure to work with.

Benjamin Bicker

CEO @ Regus

The best part is that we’re not trying to game the system. But simply trying to strengthen the website according the Google’s criteria. Which makes the foundations we’re building feel a lot stronger. Gert’s approach is open and consultative.

Ryan Spanger

CEO @ Dreamengine.com.au

Read the ERICA book:

Our book “The ERICA Framework” (available here or on amazon) explains this innovative approach to consistent SEO, and how its correct application makes sure all impacting elements are being taken care of.

Let’s get started!

When you are ready to take your site’s SEO to the next level, we have the following 2 options for you:

Our “ERICA” package provides you with 2 monthly strategy video updates by our founder, Gert Mellak, that keep the maximum SEO momentum up at all times, and gets you or your team up to speed as fast as possible. You get specific action steps so you and your team know exactly what to focus on!

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