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SEO Consulting

Does your revenue depend on the amount of traffic you get from Google?

Would you like to make sure SEO is always being taken care of,
no matter how busy you and your marketing team are?


Comprehensive seo consulting

SEO Strategy

We develope an SEO strategy that supports your overall business goals.

Content Strategy

Create content that does both: provide value to your users, and attract new and relevant visitors from Google.

Keywords + Entities

Not keywords any more, but Entities and their relationships with each other is what drives organic traffic and rankings.

Content structure

When you structure your content with SEO in mind, it suddenly starts to fuel your funnel with more organic visitors.

Competitive analysis

Be aware of what your main competitors are working on – we keep a close eye on their rankings, site changes and backlinks.


Blog Articles

SEO optimized blog posts with a user-centric focus and proper promotion really attract new potential clients from search.

Weekly site audits

In order to gain traffic from Google and other search engines, your website must be technically prepared for proper indexation, and respond with short load times and stable performance.

Our consulting projects get crawled weekly, after which we send any technical issues directly to your webmaster or marketing department so they can be fixed as soon as possible.


Content gap analysis

A content gap is where your competitors in Google get more traffic than you do – either because their content ranks higher, or because they manage to get keywords ranking that your project doesn’t even have.

The content gap analysis shows which search traffic opportunities your website is missing right now, and where you should start catching up.


content structure

Instead of just adding content to your site, why not structure this content in a way search engines and users can understand and consume it in a better way?

We frequently scan your entire website and confirm content depth, interlinking and general structure is optimized at all times.


internal + external links

Links matter – both internally within your site, and so called backlinks from other websites which are relevant for your niche.

Frequent link audits, as well as assistance when analyzing possible link candidates, form an important part of our consulting services.


competitive analysis

In the context of our ongoing consulting, we keep an eye on your main competitors and their main adjustments in terms of content and links strategy.

Research & Development

Using our own test sites (sandbox), our team is constantly testing new strategies and tactics before we suggest implementing them on our clients’ websites.

Our ongoing consulting program provides the best value for those clients, whose business model depends primarily on on organic search traffic.

Gert Mellak, CEO

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Jhon Smith, CEO @ Labib Digital Studio

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Thomson Polan, CEO @ Caramal Digital Studio

Let’s get started!

With our entry level package “Organic Growth” we help small and medium-sized websites to constantly grow their organic traffic, and leverage existing content, content gaps and internal linking.

Our “Leverage SEO Bundle” is aimed at more complex websites, and those that require special attention from different angles, both SEO and Google Ads.