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Hi, I’m Gert, Founder and CEO at SEOLeverage™️ …

If you want to stop relying on paid ads so much and get found more often than your competition, then SEO may be the best investment you ever make in your business. But we know for many businesses SEO can be mystifying and difficult to do right.

We created SEO Leverage to make it simple and affordable for businesses of all sizes and industries to rank higher on Google.

We’ve helped 500+ solopreneurs, coaches, online marketers, and international corporations generate millions of visitors, thousands of leads, and millions of dollars in sales.

All organically through the power of SEO.

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We’ve been doing SEO for 20+ years, helping businesses build a moat around their business that protects against competition

20 years is a long time when it comes to SEO. It’s almost as long as SEO has been a thing. A lot has changed in that time. Even whole search engines have been and gone!

That’s the thing about SEO… it changes incredibly fast. We help you not only keep up but stay ahead of Google and your competition using the latest software, content strategies and future-proof SEO tactics.

Our proprietary approach to SEO has helped businesses in the USA, Australia, UK, South Korea, Malta, Germany, Austria, Spain, France, South Africa and many more countries soar up the ranks of Google.

“Whether you have an e-commerce store, sell online courses, run a services business or have any other kind of business with an online presence, we can help you get found more often.”

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We’re a team of 25 SEO pros, but our Head of SEO personally works on every SEO project we take on – including yours

If you’ve ever worked with an agency of any kind, you probably know the routine… Senior managers or execs pitch to win your business, but the moment you sign the contract you’re palmed off to juniors and interns.

That’s not the way we do things. From the first consultation call to daily project management, our Head of SEO is involved in your SEO project. We’re always available via email or Zoom call, so you’re never in doubt about the next high impact step to take with your SEO.

“Google owns that special moment when your potential customer decides who to buy from… we help make you stand out in that very moment.”


SEO can change the future of your business, but first, let’s take a look at our past…


Writing my first lines of code

Locked in my bedroom, armed with my first computer, I taught myself how to program at the age of 12. It was to be the start of my lifelong journey in the tech world.


Building websites in the Dotcom Boom

After three years of learning, coding, and building, I created my first website, for my local chess club in Austria. That one was pro bono. But I soon had my first paying customer when an Austrian stonemason company hired me to build their website. My tech career was off and running!


Upping my Internet game

By now, I’d just about mastered building basic websites for clients. It was time to up my game. I learned to program in PHP and started creating web applications and dynamic websites. Skills that helped me better understand how the Internet worked – something that would come in very handy in the years to come.


Discovering the Art of SEO

Having moved to New York City for the summer, I began hearing the term “SEO” in Internet circles. So, I literally Googled "SEO" to find out what this was all about. I was hooked almost instantly by the potential of it. If Internet search was going to be as big as I believed it was, I knew SEO would be the backbone of it. And I wanted a front row seat…


Becoming an SEO pro

For 12 months, I dived headfirst into SEO. I read every book, blog post and message board I could find. This was the early days. It felt like being at Ground Zero of something big. Finally, equipped with everything I’d learned, I began freelancing as a SEO Consultant, working with two agencies and a roster of my own clients.


More clients, more rankings

As the world came to depend on Google, my SEO clients and results continued to scale up. Early movers online started to realize the importance of being seen on Google. That meant my services were in demand. I was one of only a small number of SEO consultants. But the industry was growing fast…


From freelancer to agency

After making the move from Austria to Spain, I made the transition from freelancer to full-service digital marketing agency, launching Solicom Communications SL. This time felt like an inflection point online. More companies were investing in their online presence. Social media was taking off. And we were right there at the vanguard, building websites, SEO, digital marketing campaigns, and more.


Becoming a more specialized agency

Over the course of six years, our full-service agency continued to grow. So did the Internet, driven by social media and the rise of eCommerce and info products. Seeing the direction of the online world, we stripped down our services to those we believed would be most important to Web 2.0: lead generation via SEO, Google Ads and social media.
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2018 - 2021

Going all in on SEO

Almost 20 years after I first discovered SEO, it was time to go all in on it. More online businesses than ever were launching. Google was becoming more complex. And it had never been more important (or difficult) to rank on Page One. Taking everything I’d learned from two decades of SEO, and with a team of highly-skilled SEO experts, SEOLeverage™️.com was born with a simple mission…
“Our goal at SEO Leverage is to demystify what it takes to rank high on Google and simplify the process for generating more organic traffic, leads and sales for businesses of all sizes.”
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