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The ERICA Framework – Your Answer to the Toughest SEO Challenges

Are you sick and tired of pouring money into SEO and getting zero results

Is your ad strategy draining your budget and giving you nothing in return?

This is your chance to make a huge change

In this book, you’ll learn

  • the necessary elements of TOP Google rankings
  • the secrets of the ERICA framework
  • how to estimate an SEO campaigns ROI
  • how to prevent ranking drops after Google updates
  • which one is the best, free (and underutilized) SEO tool you can start applying today
  • how to revolutionize the way you work your SEO
  • how to build a high performing web team
  • which actions need to be performed CONSISTENTLY to get results you would never have thought to be possible
  • and much more!

136 pages. ISBN: 978-84-09-21259-0

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About Gert Mellak:

Gert has been helping sites to grow their relevant traffic from Google for over 19 years: from small one-(wo)man businesses, to international corporations like Regus, SmartMarketer or StealthSeminar.

Over the years, he has continuously optimized his approach to SEO, creating a framework called ERICA, which streamlines consistent execution for TOP results.

Gert is also the founder of SEOLeverage.com, a fully transparent agency working based on the ERICA standards.

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