International SEO Services: What to Expect from Your International SEO Agency

Most companies are increasingly expanding their markets abroad due to the growing demand for e-commerce. In turn, International SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is becoming increasingly crucial.

This post will discuss what you should anticipate from an SEO agency if you decide to deal with one, including the following topics:

  • How international SEO works
  • What international SEO agencies do
  • How to choose a global SEO agency

International SEO Definition

International SEO is the process of optimizing a website with international content to drive visitors from different countries and regions. A solid international SEO strategy uses various methods and techniques that cater to global users' needs.

What International SEO Agencies Do

An international SEO agency is a company that specializes in providing SEO services to businesses operating in multiple countries and languages.

These agencies offer global SEO services and deeply understand the different search engines, cultures, languages, and regulations around the world.

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How International SEO Works

Search engine results are tailored to the user's location and language. Implementing an international SEO strategy can signal to search engines that your website contains valuable content for users searching for products or services in a particular language or residing in a specific country.

Techniques used in international SEO to target visitors worldwide include the following:

  • language targeting,
  • hreflang tags,
  • defined URL structures, and
  • other localization signals.

Advantages of International SEO Services

International SEO services offer several advantages to businesses.

Increased visibility and traffic
International SEO can help your website rank higher in SERPs across multiple countries, increasing your website's visibility to a broader audience and driving more traffic to your site.

Access to new markets
You can tap into new customer bases and expand your business globally by targeting international markets.

Competitive edge
With effective international SEO, you can outperform competitors in global markets and establish your business as a prominent player.

Higher conversion rates
Using international SEO strategies to tailor your content to better connect with local audiences leads to higher conversion rates.

Compared to usual marketing strategies such as advertising and direct mail, SEO is a more cost-effective way to reach global clients.

Enhanced user experience
International SEO includes localization efforts such as translating content and adapting to local search behaviors, which can enhance the user experience for international visitors to your site.

Brand awareness
International SEO can enhance brand awareness and global reputation, increasing trust, loyalty, and customer retention.

What Does International SEO Involve?

International SEO involves enhancing websites to get better rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs) across diverse countries and languages.

This form of SEO requires a deep understanding of each target country and market.

International SEO services involve different processes, which include the following:

International SEO consulting

Consulting with an international SEO expert entails strategizing on how you will optimize your website, rankings, and online presence.

An SEO consultant will guide you in conducting keyword research that will benefit your website in generating organic traffic.

Performance analysis and reporting

International SEO involves technical analysis to determine your website's potential to rank higher in search engine results. It also gives recommendations for optimization.


Targeting specific regions or areas is a vital process in international SEO. It entails determining the location of website visitors and adapting the website's content to the specific area.

Link building

Relevant and high-quality links can help customers find the content or products they need, and an SEO consultant can help build an effective link-building strategy.

Keyword research

An international SEO consultant can select the most effective keywords for each market, as not all keywords are equal.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is an important element in SEO as it makes your website accessible and user-friendly on mobile devices. This improves the overall user experience, which can generate more site visitors.

Website design

Building and designing a functional and user-friendly website is also part of SEO. A website should be well organized, have fast loading times, optimized images, and compelling content to improve search engine rankings.

Social media

Due to the emerging use of social media platforms, improvising a social media strategy is also needed in SEO to expand your target audience.

SEO audit

Performing periodic audits can ensure that your website is free of any technical issues or errors that could negatively impact its search engine ranking.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO optimizes website elements, so search engine bots can conveniently crawl and index your website.

Content creation

Creating engaging and relevant content can improve website engagement and search engine rankings to drive conversions from visitors to customers.

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What To Expect From an International SEO Agency

International SEO companies offer different services to help companies expand their markets worldwide. This International SEO Agency checklist is a good reference. At the least, you can expect these agencies to have the following expertise in the field:

Cultural Sensitivity

Global SEO agencies are skilled in understanding different cultures and languages. They can create content that appeals to people worldwide.

If needed, they also adjust SEO tactics to fit regional search engines and client preferences.

Multilingual SEO

Based on a survey in 2020, 65% of customers prefer to read website content in their language. This statistic shows that multilingual SEO services are beneficial to the success of your business internationally.

International SEO companies employ a team of experts who can optimize your website using multiple languages.

They can create content and conduct keyword research in numerous languages. They can also assist you in ranking your website in various search engines worldwide.

Multilingual SEO is critical if you want to expand your business abroad. Targeting multiple languages will entice more users to your site, thus, increasing your chances of turning them into customers.

Technical SEO

International SEO agencies also offer technical SEO services.

Concentrating on the technical side of SEO is essential as it plays a role in your site's exposure to search engines and provides a better user experience. It involves enhancing the structure of your website, speed, as well as security.

A global SEO agency can also give tips and tricks about the best practices in technical SEO. They can identify and rectify technical issues that affect your website's performance and rankings.

Working with technical SEO professionals may ensure that your website has the foundation it needs to succeed in the competitive digital market.

Local SEO

Local SEO entails tailoring your website and content to local customers.

International SEO agencies can apply their local SEO expert to help you with the following:

  • Create location-specific content,
  • Optimize your website for local keywords, and
  • Ensure your business information is accurate and up-to-date on local directories and search engines.

Local SEO is vital for physical businesses in different countries or regions to attract more local customers. It can also increase the possibility of ranking higher in local search results.

Reporting and Analytics

SEO analytics and reporting tools can help you learn about the overall performance of your website. These tools will assist you in determining your market position while recognizing opportunities for improvement.

International SEO agencies also generate performance reports. These reports are used to evaluate your site's performance globally.

You can also use the gathered data to monitor your search engine rankings. Performance reports also determine the efficacy of your international SEO strategies. 

SEO analytics and reporting tools benefit you in getting information about your website traffic. These tools can ascertain your market position and identify specific areas that need improvement.

What Are The Common Challenges in International SEO?

SEO may initially seem overwhelming, especially if you're unsure how to start. To understand a new market, its target audience, and its challenges, you must have knowledge and experience and conduct research.

However, international SEO can pose additional challenges due to the need for extensive market research to comprehend the market.

Some of the challenges that may be encountered with international SEO are the following:

Language and cultural differences

Differences between language and culture can be tricky with international SEO. It is vital to understand the quirks and nuances of different languages and cultures to be able to create compelling content and optimize the right keywords.

Technical issues

Technical challenges, including multiple domains and hreflang tags, can be complicated and time-consuming.

Local competitors

Local competitors in foreign markets can be challenging to overcome, especially if they have established a strong presence in the market.

Search engine algorithm differences

Different countries may use various search engines or have variations in their algorithms, which can require unique optimization strategies.

Geotargeting accuracy

When a company operates in multiple countries, effectively targeting the right audience in each region can be difficult.

Implementing a solid international SEO strategy can help businesses grow their market and acquire access to new customers in foreign markets.

How Long Does International SEO Take?

The duration of an international SEO project varies depending on several factors, including the following:

  • Amount of content,
  • Number of languages, and
  • The complexity of the website.

While some tasks can be completed in as little as two weeks to a month, others may take several months. You don’t need to optimize established websites as often as new ones.

It’s best to discuss your objectives and timelines with your international SEO consultants to have clear goals and expectations.

How To Choose a Global SEO Agency

Choosing the right SEO services can significantly impact your company's international success. Evaluate the following factors to help you make an informed selection.

International Expertise

Look for an experienced international SEO agency that knows your target global audience's market, language, and culture. They should understand the cultural quirks, local search engine algorithms, and user preferences.

Proven results

Review the agency's portfolio and case studies to determine how well they have served previous international clients. Testimonials from former clients will help you assess the agency's expertise and credibility.

Transparency and communication

Choose a global SEO agency that is transparent in its processes and communicates effectively with you. The agency must keep you informed about their progress and any challenges encountered.

Understanding business goals

The SEO agency you hire must understand your business goals. The agency should have an SEO consultant who can contribute value through past experience with other clients and ensure that they share your vision.


See if the agency's pricing structure is compatible with your budget. You must guarantee that there are no additional expenditures or levies.

Choosing The Best International SEO Services

If you are planning to broaden your market reach internationally, it is an excellent idea to work with a global SEO company. These agencies are experts in developing and implementing SEO techniques specific to diverse languages and cultures.

International SEO agencies can assist you with optimizing websites, creating multilingual content, and producing extensive analytics and reports. When you work with a global SEO agency, you can achieve your business expansion goals and flourish in new areas and markets.

There are plenty of SEO agencies out there. Finding the best international SEO agency for your organization needs time and effort. SEO companies like SEOLeverage™️ offer services to assist you in building your business through customized SEO methods.