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Europeans use search engines more than any other continent and are more engaged on the internet than any other region. While optimizing your site in Europe may require some effort, it may be worthwhile.

Europe's search engine optimization (SEO) industry is broad and varies in each country. SEO in Europe is critical as each country has various languages and dialects. Different languages and economic stages distinguish each European country's SEO market.

This post will discuss the following topics to help you enhance your digital marketing strategy:

  • Definition of international SEO
  • Importance of international SEO
  • Best SEO practices in Europe

What Is International SEO?

Each country's SEO market is unique. You need to grasp international SEO to expand into a global market. This digital marketing strategy will boost your product or service's exposure in global marketplaces.

An international SEO strategy integrates your brand's policies, methods, and practices for optimizing search content for foreign nations.

While local SEO focuses on keywords and audiences within a specific area, international SEO reaches out to people all around the world.

It focuses on providing content relevant to local markets and designing a website structure that allows search engines to quickly identify and provide the appropriate web pages to suitable users at the right time.

If you are unsure how to start your international SEO project, you can consult SEO agencies to help you. 

SEOLeverage, an international SEO agency in Spain, offers search engine optimization and digital marketing services to help companies boost their sales and online presence.

4 Benefits of Using International SEO

Optimizing your website using SEO methods will result in a better user experience. Some of the advantages of using international SEO are enumerated below.

1) It enhances brand recognition.

International SEO increases brand recognition. As a result, people will return to your site, increasing sales. With a better worldwide user experience, you'll be perceived as a global player in your market.

2) It gains you a competitive advantage.

International SEO can also give you an advantage over your competitors. You can produce content for that location if your competitors' website isn't optimized for a given country or language.

3) It boosts operational efficiency.

It is much easier to establish a roadmap to align the organization's functional operations and correct budget allocation to fulfill the stated objectives by linking the International SEO strategy with the overall strategic plan.

4) You will have a deeper grasp of the worldwide market.

You can better analyze and understand the worldwide market. This SEO strategy will familiarize you with the particular demands of overseas markets.

You will learn about the needs and culture of overseas customers. It will assist you in launching new websites devoted to them.

Best SEO Practices in Europe

Three main things must be considered when developing a European SEO strategy:

  • technique
  • content
  • backlinks

Below are some of the methods you can apply in developing your strategy.

Know your target audience and region.


Your international SEO strategy will vary based on the region you are targeting.

While Google leads the global market, different local search engines are used in some nations. Yandex is a prominent search engine in Turkey and Ukraine.

Aside from Google, Seznam is a significant search engine in the Czech Republic. Bing is also commonly used in certain countries, such as Norway.

Develop a strong content plan.

Some businesses' SEO performance suffers due to a lack of content. As a result, creating a solid content strategy is critical.

You can begin adding high-quality, SEO-friendly material that will provide value in the long run. High-quality landing pages, pillar pages, and FAQ pages for keyword phrases will enable you to direct visitors to your website.

Global online advertising is more complex. Thus, you will need SEO services from experts. Getting SEO specialists on board to help you construct a comprehensive strategy is vital for your web development.

SEOLeverage is an SEO agency that can give you conversion-driven results. They use appropriate SEO tools for your site to boost organic traffic.

Select the right domain and URL structure.

Link building is essential in an SEO strategy. Designing a URL structure is the first and most crucial step in creating a customized site for multiple regions and languages.

You can use a mix of top-level domains, subdirectories, and subdomains. Let's take a deeper look at each of these possible options:

Country code top-level domain (ccTLDs)

The word at the end of your domain name is known as the top-level domain or TLD. 

It can be applied to any country without mentioning a specific location.

Different TLDs exist for particular countries, such for France and for the United Kingdom.

This option could be ideal if you want to focus on a particular country. A country-specific TLD will help you rank higher in a specific place.

It sends the most unambiguous indication to search engines.It is the most straightforward way to rank locally. Maintenance is expensive.Each site has its own domain authority.


Using subdirectories with generic TLDs is helpful if you target particular countries, languages, or both. Some examples you can use are:

It is less complicated to maintain than ccTLDs.It consolidates domain authority. It transmits a lesser signal to search engines.


Using subdomains with generic TLDs can work for some websites, but it is not recommended for the typical user. It is very complex and not user-friendly. This method will give you multiple website versions, such as,, and so on.

When you use subdomains, Google registers each website version as its own site, and the domain authority does not extend to the other pages.

It is less challenging to manage than ccTLDs. It transmits a lesser signal to search engines.Subdomains may dilute domain authority.

Build local links.

Creating local links to your website can help with international SEO.

You can do various methods like the following:

  • Writing articles for local blogs,
  • Getting sponsored mentions on websites that offer expertise or valuable information,
  • Connecting with local social media influencers, and
  • Sponsoring local events.

Conduct international keyword research and data analysis.

You can conduct keyword research to determine which keywords have the highest search traffic and offer the most attractive potential for your business.

While your existing keywords allow you to rank in the top five locally, many organizations compete for these keywords in worldwide marketplaces.

Thus, it would be best to look at who's using them, where they rank, and whether alternative related keywords may produce better results.

If you doubt making a DIY SEO approach, hire an SEO company like SEOLeverage. Get quality SEO services to boost your internet marketing.


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Conduct a Technical SEO audit.

Conducting an SEO audit, you will generate findings based on concrete facts, statistics, and website upgrades. The audit considers elements such as site structure, linking structure, site speed, structured data, keyword density, etc.

After an audit, you can implement optimization depending on the findings of these reports. Consult SEO agencies to conduct the audit for you.

Make your website pages available in multiple languages.

Use hreflang or language meta tags to show search engines the languages you're set up to handle. These are bits of code that identify which language your content is available in.

Ensure everything on your website is in the language of your targeted region. Users must understand the entire website, including the navigation to the content of your pages.

Don't rely on machine translation. Google Translate may have progressed significantly, but these AI translators sometimes translate poorly.

If your website is poorly translated, it can be too frustrating for the users to read your content.

Customize your content to the language and culture of your target audience.

Language is one thing, but Europe is a unique continent with additional factors to consider while optimizing. The continent has cultural distinctions in how individuals live and think.

Ensure that the information on your site is appropriate for your intended audience. Including the local language, currency, timezone, and contact information send strong signals to users and search engines that they've landed on the correct page.

Consider cultural differences when building your design and content. Color, layout, and comedy style are all viewed differently in different regions.

It is vital to ensure that any keywords or slogans are correctly translated. Direct translations may expose your brand and services to misunderstandings.

Even though the literal translation of terms conveys the impression, the words and phrases used to represent your business may not be the same in different languages. Find out what phrases people in your targeted region use to market your products and services.

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