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How is your brand's reputation
on Google?

Most clients google you before they buy!

People don't buy right away ...

... they google you and your brand first!

Will they like what they see on Google's results?

What's your brand's online reputation?

Will they see the right brand images?

Is your brand recognized by Google?

Does your brand have a knowledge panel on the side?

Are affiliates trying to steal your clients' attention?

Do competitors rank for your brand name?

Your online reputation might be the one thing holding you back!

Let's Fix Your Search Branding!

People vastly underestimate the importance
of showing up as a professional brand in search!

Have you seen competitors, affiliates and review sites come up when you google your brand name?

  • Are old forum threads bothering you?
  • Are there affiliates rank on page 1 for your brand name?
  • Do the wrong videos come up in search?
  • Can clients see outdated logos or photos showing up?
  • Do you see the wrong sitelinks - or no sitelinks at all?
  • Is Google confusing you with another, similar brand?
  • Is the knowledge panel missing important information?
  • Or does it show information that's just wrong?
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Get your search branding in order, starting today!

You probably have your website under control.

And your "About" page has great copywriting.

But people will search online to find out more!

Your potential customers will do their research before they buy.

And Google will inform them based on how they understand your brand!

Make sure your brand makes a great first impression when they search for you on Google!

Optimizing your Search Branding will automatically make you more money,
as your brand makes a much better impression online!

And it starts by understanding this simple reality...

You Need To Analyze and Monitor 
How Google presents your brand in your main markets!

With a Search Branding analysis you get your brand analyzed.

Understand the status quo, and potential risks that might impact how Google and your clients perceive your brand online.

With Active Search Branding Google learns more about your brand and can present your business in the best possible way 
to your future clients.

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Take the first step: Get SEOLeverage™️'s team of experts analyze your brand in search!

Within 5 days, you will get a report covering an in-depth analysis of your brand in 3 different locations.

The report will not only cover your brand's website and social media platforms but also analyze things like

  • Google's search components (image, videos, twitter boxes, etc.)
  • Competitors trying to steal your thunder
  • a full knowledge panel analysis
  • Review platforms and current ratings
  • Potential risk factors

and a 30 min. consulting session with our founder, Gert Mellak, discussing the results and potential improvements you can make for your brand!

Our Founder and Chief Search Brander, Gert Mellak is directly involved in every part of your Active Search Branding project.

Meet The Human Behind The SEO... Who Will Personally Lead Your Ongoing SEO Project

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Hi, I’m Gert...
Founder and CEO of SEOLeverage™️.com.

For 20 years, I’ve been personally helping hundreds of coaches, consultants, e-commerce sites of all sizes grow their traffic and sales.

I’ve been in the SEO game since back when Google was little more than a startup and just a handful of keywords was all it took to get to Page 1. Over the years, I have continuously optimized my approach to SEO, which has culminated in the creation of my ERICA framework and the SEOLeverage™️ App.

I can say without doubt this is the most effective way to consistently execute SEO to get TOP results.

But we don't stop there!

We also work on your SearchBranding© so your future clients see your brand from its best side at all times.

And we'd love to do this for your brand as well! 

Claim your SearchBranding© analysis today and you and I will soon meet on a zoom call
discussing how to boost your brand's positive online reputation!


Make a great impression in search!

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