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The fact you’re here shows you know that SEO can be your straight-line route to more traffic, leads and sales. You get the Marketing Math that good rankings equal more money. Perhaps, you’ve dabbled on and off with SEO but never got results. So, instead, you focused your limited time and energy on other priorities. Or, like many, maybe you used to rank well in the past. But due to Google updates, competitors, or the mysteries of the SEO universe, you have vanished into the dark depths of search results (Let’s not kid ourselves, no one gets found on page 8 of Google…).

Whatever the case, what’s clear is that deep down you know that you need to do more about your SEO.

SEO Leverage Customers See An Average SEO Improvement Of 30%+

Epic site audit with easy to follow, prioritized action steps. It's a pleasure to work with Gert and his team!

Ezra Firestone


We implemented about 75% of your recommendations, added hub articles, changed our internal linking, and are creating do follow links for link building. Traffic is just starting to increase now. Much appreciated. 

Evan Bleker
Founder @ netnethunter.com

Do You Ever Get The Feeling That Your SEO Is Underperforming…?

  • Did your business used to rank well but has disappeared from search results?
  • Do you churn out content like monkeys behind typewriters but don’t get more traffic?
  • Did a Google update wipe away 30%, 40% even 50%+ of your traffic?
  • Are you forced to lower your margins by spending money on ads because SEO hasn’t worked?

Sound At All Familiar?

Then There’s A Good Chance That You Have Tried The DIY SEO Approach…

As a business owner, creator, or marketer, you’re one of the resourceful types. So, when your SEO started underperforming, you likely took things into your own hands.

There’s a good chance you have tried to solve your SEO problems with YouTube videos, Facebook groups and forums.

But, well, free advice is free for a reason.

All out of ideas, hiring an SEO agency or someone off Upwork or Fiverr (eek, gasp!) seemed like the thing to do. But after being promised the world, that only left you lighter in the pocket and no higher on Google.

Know the feeling? Then it’s a darn good thing you found us…

SEO Is Often Made Out To Be A Mythical Beast

We Help You Tame It So You Can Do It Yourself And Actually Get Results

Even though you know the potential of SEO, it sure can be intimidating.

Trust us, you’re not alone there.

No matter how much you read and learn, it can often still feel like you can never know enough about it to do it yourself. Like you’re learning how to build a bridge while crossing it.

Or that you would have to spend way too much money to actually understand it properly.

But, that’s simply not the case. The reality is…



With the right guidance, not only can you do SEO yourself, but it also doesn’t have to come with ongoing 5-figure monthly fees.

And it starts by first understanding this simple truth… 



There’s A Huge Difference Between Paid And Organic Traffic

We’re not just talking about the fact that paid traffic is getting more expensive by the day. There’s much more to it than that.

Put simply, it’s a different experience when someone finds you organically.

Instead of having your product shoved in their face while watching a cooking video on YouTube or scrolling Instagram, they have come looking for you.

This means they’re in a completely different mindset to purchase from you.

They feel like they’re in charge – and that the interaction with your business is on their terms.

Organic Traffic Puts People In A More Trusting, Relaxed And Primed State To Buy


  •  Shortened buying process because people found you
  • Fewer objections because high rankings mean more trust
  • Higher quality leads that convert more and generate higher revenue
  • Speeds up the lifespan of your funnel from top to bottom



  • Cold traffic that takes longer to convert
  • Higher suspicions because who knows what you can believe in Ads
  • Low quality leads from time wasters who stick in their email address without thinking
  • Takes more effort and extra funnel steps to move traffic down your funnel

The Reality Is The Fewer Clicks You Have To Pay For, The More Profit You Make

So, if you want more high-value organic traffic, here’s how we help you get it…

An SEO Leverage Deep Dive SEO Audit Shows You How To Achieve Fast,

Effective SEO Results In A Matter Of Weeks

(With No Strings Attached)

An SEO Audit is the first step to exceptional, sustainable SEO results.


It strips back every aspect of your site to give you a complete picture of your site’s situation – and what’s limiting your SEO results.

Now, we must warn you… sometimes what we find are nasty hidden SEO killers that come as a surprise to a lot of business owners.

But this is what it’s all about.

Unearthing every last element that is holding back your SEO, then showing you how to take fast action to boost your SEO performance.

In short, a Deep SEO Dive Audit provides every answer you need to the question of “Why the heck isn’t my SEO working?!”.

And once these SEO mysteries are revealed, you’ll be given…


An exact plan of prioritized action steps for sustainably growing your SEO… tomorrow, next week and for months ahead.

SEO Is All About Results, So Take A Look At Just Some We Have Helped Our Clients Achieve…

This online course grew their organic results by 256%+ over the course of 12 months…

Plus, this agency survived a Google update and grew organic traffic by 35% in just a few months…

Every Action Item In Your Deep Dive SEO Audit Is Specifically Designed To Increase Your Organic Traffic, Leads And Sales, Starting With The Highest Impact Items For “Quick Wins”


Your Business’ Deep Dive SEO Audit Will Put An End To All The Confusion and Uncertainty About Your Site’s SEO. You Will…

  • Know exactly what to do to move your SEO forward
  • Stop wasting time with low impact SEO tactics
  • Generate more traffic without spending more on ads
  • Consistently enjoy more organic leads and sales

And here’s our promise… 

It is possible to see meaningful SEO results within months if you focus on the highest impact elements of your website.

A Deep Dive SEO Audit Is Your Personalized SEO Game plan

(That You Can Follow With Or Without Our Help)



Four Phases, One Result: A Bulletproof Plan For Better SEO Results

Four Phases, One Result: A Bulletproof Plan For Better SEO Results

Phase 1: Overview + Usability

To rank highly, your site needs top percentile usability. In Phase 1 your site and current SEO situation will be analyzed in rigorous, obsessive detail. You will discover…

  • An assessment and clear overview of your current SEO performance.
  • What your main competitors are doing (and how to “one up” them).
  • Site benchmarking within your space to see how you stack up.
  • How to improve your site’s usability and experience (which Google uses to determine if people like your site).
  • How your site performs on every different device and browser customers use to remove incompatibilities.
  • The best way to structure your content presentation and user interface with a“mobile first” usability evaluation.

Plus, so much more…

Phase 3: Technical SEO Audit

High rankings don’t happen without a strong technical foundation. In Phase 3, your technical performance will be analyzed in-depth, providing your developer or webmaster with a clear plan to follow. This includes…

  • Internal links that capitalize on your own content and sitemap.
  • Important tags that can be quickly implemented that Google loves.
  • How to structure your data in a way that makes it easier for Google to understand.
  • Image optimization that enhances site performance.
  • Site performance tests that reveal even the smallest details limiting your SEO.

Plus, so much more…

Phase 2: Content

Content is king, and we’ll show you how to put a crown on yours in Phase 2. We’ll scour every single line of content on your site to reveal…

  • Keyword research for easy-win keywords you can start ranking for.
  • Content inventory and current search performance to assess your content’s success.
  • “Thin content”, duplicates, titles and descriptions that are hurting your SEO.
  • A clear action plan for your content writer that will level up your content.
  • Tons of fresh ideas for future content (and how to get existing content to rank higher).
  • An invaluable content map tool for designing your ongoing content strategy.

Plus, so much more…

Phase 4: Link audit

Backlinks are what connect the internet and tell Google which sites deserve top ranking. In Phase 4, we will show you how to dramatically increase your backlink profile. You will discover…

  • An analysis of every single backlink your site has to show you the signals it is giving Google.
  • The must-have tools you need to consistently build priceless backlinks.
  • If negative backlinks could be killing your SEO results.
  • The special “requests” you can make to Google if backlinks are limiting your SEO.
  • How to identify sources for earning invaluable backlinks to your site.

Plus, so much more…

To Sum It Up… We Light The Road To Higher Rankings With SEO, You Simply Follow It

An SEO Deep Dive SEO Audit is SEO made simple.

It will give you a complete, easy-to-follow SEO blueprint stacked with detailed directions that your content and dev team can follow.

Or, if you need a hand with implementation, we can help with that too. The choice is yours.

It’s for business owners who want SEO results, without a fixed ongoing commitment. In other words, your team has the time and can handle a little DIY but want an expert to guide the way.

Here Are Just A Few More Of The Kind Of Results You Can Expect With A Deep Dive SEO Audit Of Your Website…

This membership site skyrocketed their organic results by 200%+ in just a few months…

This company also more than doubled their organic results in the months after an audit…

By The End Of Your Deep Dive SEO Audit, You Will Have All The Must-Have Elements For TOP Google Rankings

With the results of your Deep Dive SEO Audit in your eager hands, you will know how to…

  • Accurately estimate the ROI of SEO campaigns.
  • Prevent ranking drops after Google updates.
  • Use free, underutilized SEO tools that you should be using in your business.
  • Build a high performing web team to systematize your SEO efforts.
  • Immediately identify and fix the biggest issues with your site.
  • Determine your site’s performance compared to your competitors.
  • Use high potential keywords that can bring fast, high ranking.
  • Use competitive backlink analysis to score invaluable, hard-to-get backlinks.
  • Spot little-known and often overlooked keywords to focus on.
  • Create content in the right way so Google loves it.

Plus, every other action that must be performed to get SEO results that translate into more traffic, leads and sales.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Gert is an outstanding online marketing professional. We were reluctant to get anyone to help us with our SEO and site layout, but decided to work with Gert based on a referral. He far exceeded our expectations, got back to us much quicker than we thought he would, and provided lots of detail and suggestions about our business that we didn’t know about. 

Joseph N. Gerocs

CEO @ 90daykorean.com

Initially, we were only looking for a site audit, but Gert and his team have since become very important strategic partners aligning our SEO strategy with how and where we want to grow as a B2B provider. I really enjoy the consulting calls and seeing our traffic grow month after month.

Luis Torrejón

CEO @ instalacionestorrejon.com

Do you prefer to pay in EUR?

*Initiated online instantly. Guaranteed 10 working days delivery.

IMPORTANT: This is NOT A Generic, Automated Service…

This Is In-Depth Human SEO Analysis

What you’ll find is that regular site audits are often done by automatic, white-label software without human SEO analysis. Then passed off as “personalized”.

Our Deep Dive SEO Audit is vastly different. 

It’s done manually through human analysis by four experienced SEOs who each bring a different SEO skill set. Because, when it comes to SEO, there’s still so much only a trained eye can understand. 

So, while they sort our packages, drive our cars and cook our food, SEO is one place the robots haven’t overtaken us just yet.

Do you prefer to pay in EUR?

*One single, easy payment. No ongoing contracts.

Meet The Human Behind The SEO… Who Will Personally Lead Your Deep Dive SEO Audit

Hi, I’m Gert Mellak…
Founder of SEO Leverage.

I’ve been helping 500+ solopreneurs, coaches, online marketers and international corporations like Regus, SmartMarketer and StealthSeminar grow their traffic and sales for the past 20 years.  I’ve been in the SEO game since back when Google was little more than a startup and just a handful of keywords was all it took to get to Page 1. As much as I wish it were still like the “good ol’ days” of SEO, the world has changed dramatically. More online businesses have been launched in the past 12 months than anytime in history. This means more competition for attention, customers and SEO rankings. While this can seem like an obstacle, it can also be your competitive advantage. That’s because most businesses don’t invest properly in SEO. So, those who do, can use SEO to help build a moat around their business. Unlike other SEO services, I’m directly involved in every project. There’s no getting passed down the line. Or, worse yet, outsourced to an offshore provider. I know that SEO is about more than just traffic. That’s why I get to know your business, goals and who your customers really are. Then build a plan that matches.

Ready to chat about your future SEO results?

With 20+ Years of SEO Experience, We Have Helped Businesses Survive and THRIVE Through Google’s Unpredictable Updates

…And we will set your company’s SEO to help you withstand and grow whatever surprises the Google algorithm throws up in the future.

Here’s how we saved this online course business after Google’s June 2019 core update…

And finally, here’s how a local refurbishing increased their organic visibility by 10x in just 7 months…

local seo office refurbishment

As You Can See From These Consistent Results, A Deep Dive SEO Audit Can Easily Pay For Itself With New Leads And Sales….

Ready To Boost Your SEO, Traffic and Sales?

*One single, easy payment. No ongoing contracts. Initiated online instantly. Guaranteed 10 working days delivery.

Deep Dive Audit Demo

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