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Deep Dive Audit Demo

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Our manual Deep Dive Audit is vastly different from regular site audits that are often put together by automatic, white-label software without human SEO analysis.

Check out this short demo video to take a look inside an actual audit and see real results from actual site audit projects!

Phase 1: Overview + Usability

Phase 1 is going to give you an overview about your current performance, your main competitors, and a benchmark on where your site is located in the space right now.

This first phase is also going to present findings on how you could improve your site’s user experience and usability, both of which are key elements for Google to determine if people like your site.


Phase 2: Content

Keyword research, content inventory and current search performance, thin content and duplicates, titles and descriptions – all this is part of the Phase 2 document that we deliver, and which you can hand over to your content writer to work through. Tons of ideas for future content, and hints on how to improve existing pieces of content to rank higher, as well as a content map tool that can help you design your content strategy are part of this document.

Phase 3: Technical SEO Audit

Hand this over to your developer or webmaster, as this will contain tons of information on how to improve the technical side of things: internal links, important tags, structured data, image optimization, site performance tests, and much more.

A solid technical foundation is a necessary basis for high rankings, and Google really understanding who your content is for.

Phase 4: Link audit

Phase 4 is centered around your backlinks – the links pointing to your site from the rest of the web. Links are still one of the most important signals for Google to find out which site is worthy of ranking on top positions in search.

At the same time, negative links can bring a site down, so you need to be aware of those and file so-called disavow requests to Google in case there is something shady going on.

This part of the link audit will give you the analysis and tools you need to work on your backlink profile!

A good on-site foundation and strategy, together with ongoing consulting, leads to incremental improvements and more and more organic traffic, leads and sales


If your site has bad usability, it’s not going to rank very high. Our team tests your site with different devices to discover possible usability issues and possible  browser incompatibilities.

Mobile first

Users mus tbe able to navigate seemlessly through your website on their mobile device. This is why our audits evaluate your mobile version with special attention to every detail in terms of content presentation and user interface.


Action items

Every single site audit comes with a prioritized list of action items to start implementing right away.

The list is sorted by high-impact to low-impact, so you see results as fast es possible.


Website traffic recovery after being hit by Google’s June 2019 Core update. A Deep Dive Audit (DDA) was being executed and discovered a series of potential directly on the site, structure, content-wise and in terms of usability and performance.

Improvements led to a full recovery within weeks!

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Gert is an outstanding online marketing professional. We were reluctant to get anyone to help us with our SEO and site layout, but decided to work with Gert based on a referral. He far exceeded our expectations, got back to us much quicker than we thought he would, and provided lots of detail and suggestions about our business that we didn’t know about. 

Joseph N. Gerocs

CEO @ 90daykorean.com

Initially, we were only looking for a site audit, but Gert and his team have since become very important strategic partners aligning our SEO strategy with how and where we want to grow as a B2B provider. I really enjoy the consulting calls and seeing our traffic grow month after month.

Luis Torrejón

CEO @ instalacionestorrejon.com

This audit will not only give you the entire picture of your site's current situation. You will also know what to focus on in the next weeks and months to sustainably increase your organic traffic, leads and sales, starting with the highest-impact items on the list.

Gert Mellak, CEO

Deed Dive Audit effects

This SEO Deep Dive Audit DDA not only will give you the entire picture of your site’s current situation. You will also know what to focus on in the next weeks and months to sustainably increase your organic traffic, leads and sales.

Gert Mellak, CEO

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