Why SEO Can Save Your Business

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of propelling a website to the first page of search results. This set of techniques has a lot of activities under its umbrella. For it to work, you need to write high-quality content, provide excellent link building, take care of the technical aspects and website optimization, and do keyword research.

Every business needs a solid SEO strategy to appear first on the organic search results. Without it, your site won’t get the traffic it deserves.

Read this case study to know why implementing SEO can save a business.

Initial Situation

Initially, our client had a few pages that rank for targeted keywords. This has affected the website traffic even after some optimization efforts.

What We Found

We found some low-hanging fruits, specifically in the areas of on-page and technical SEO. 

There were several pages that received high impressions but low clicks, affecting click-through rates. What’s more, only a few pages contributed to the overall traffic of the site.

Several pages also needed to be optimized in terms of meta title, meta description, alt tags, and image file sizes. Some pages needed internal linking to establish interconnections. 

The website also needed some UX design updates to provide a positive user experience.

What We Did:

Our Approach

Consistency is the key when it comes to our approach to handling the client’s concern. Here’s how we approached the problem:

  1. We continuously checked the client’s pages 2-3 for keyword rankings for ongoing optimization to improve the rankings of its current pages through article updates.
  2. We conducted site crawls to monitor and resolve technical issues.
  3. We checked the website for UX improvements.
  4. We used competitor analysis to gather strategy ideas to provide valuable content to both search engines and web users better.

The Steps We Took:

  1. We checked major tools such as Ahrefs and Google Search Console to identify pages and keywords that need optimization.
  2. We used site crawling tools such as Screamingfrog and Ahrefs to resolve critical and non-critical technical issues to improve and maintain the site’s overall score.
  3. We conducted competitor analysis, content gaps, and content audit for prioritization.
  4. We checked both desktop and mobile devices to make sure that the website is well-presented to all device users.

The Results We Achieved:

After our continuous efforts to optimize pages through competitor analysis, create new content based on content gap analysis, and resolve technical issues for the client’s website, it has now reached its all-time high organic traffic for the last 5 years!

As you can see on the graph, the traffic on August 21, 2019, was below 2,500. That’s a pretty low one if you think about website traffic. The website traffic picked up before January 24, 2021. Although it fluctuated before June 30, 2022, it ascended steadily until the organic traffic hit 10,000 on December 4, 2023.

This is the power SEO can bring to save your business. Using keyword research tools to incorporate keywords into your content will increase the chances of your website ranking first on search engines. More traffic means more leads. Those leads could potentially turn into sales, especially when you incite the visitors to perform an action.

You can also use paid ads as part of your digital marketing strategy to expose your website to the public. Your products and the link to your website get featured at the top of search engine results. This increases traffic to your site since people will most likely click the first results. You might be paying for Google to put your ads, but the traffic it generates may regain a part of your investment.


Consistent SEO efforts can help in saving a business from being unknown. It’s more than just content. SEO can turn your website and business into an authoritative brand that people can trust. 

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