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Each Quick Audit will result in at least


✅ Overview about your current search performance

✅ Which issues on your site to fix first

✅ How your site performs compared to your competitors

High potential keywords you can soon rank high for

✅ Competitive backlink analysis

✅ Interesting keywords to focus on

✅ 1:1, no-sales-pitch consulting call to discuss your site’s SEO



Quick Audit Report Example

Leverage our professional SEO tools and their capabilities without having to pay hundreds of USD each month, and still get their results, together with our founder’s analysis!

We implemented about 75% of your recommendations, added hub articles, changed our internal linking, and are creating do follow links for link building. Traffic is just starting to increase now. Much appreciated. 

Evan Bleker

Founder @ netnethunter.com

After having my team implement Gert’s recommendations, there has already been very noticeable results. But the great part is that there are no smoke and mirrors. I am empowered as an active participant.

Ryan Spanger

CEO @ Dreamengine.com.au

Get to know your SEO’s 80/20 and improve your rankings!

PRICE: 100$ (One Time Fee)

Frequently, we’re getting asked …

Why is this audit not free?

All quick audits are done manually by experienced SEOs and leveraging commercial tools for analysis and technical diagnosis. The quick audit price does not cover our costs, but helps us to sustain this service and help more business owners improve their rankings.

How long is the Quick audit report?

Quick audits result in a PDF report of approx. 15 pages full of insights and tips.  Every audit will contain at least 10 actionable items to improve your rankings and several additional tips you can implement right now.

Do you need access to my Analytics?

The quick audit does not allow to cross-reference external data sources like analytics or search console (refer to the deep dive audit for an in-depth analysis of your website and all tools around it).

When I purchase, how long do I have to wait for my quick audit?

We guarantee to send you the audit within 4 working days after your order.  Very often, however, quick audits might get delivered already the next working day (subject to sites on the wait list).

What if I have further questions after the quick audit?

You can send your SEO questions related to your quick audit directly to our amazing SEO team under [email protected].

All these businesses had excellent results after getting the Quick Audit Report:

About Gert Mellak:

Gert has been helping sites to grow their relevant traffic from Google for over 19 years: from small one-(wo)man businesses, to international corporations like Regus, SmartMarketer or StealthSeminar.

Over the years, he has continuously optimized his approach to SEO, creating a framework called ERICA, which streamlines consistent execution for TOP results.

Gert is also the founder of SEOLeverage.com, a fully transparent agency working based on the ERICA standards.

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