Outrank Amazon with Your Shopify Store with James Schramko

How do you outrank Amazon? Can Shopify compete with the world's largest marketplace?

If you are an e-commerce business owner, then Amazon is your competitor. Outranking and outselling Amazon is an idea many entrepreneurs dream about, just like you. Although surpassing it may sound like an arduous task, you can surely do this successfully!

Here's how you can do it: leveraging your Shopify store with SEO. Shopify is one of the top e-commerce systems. It offers many features that will help you to stand out from the crowd - but how do they work?

Take it from the go-to SEO expert, Gert Mellak. Learn how Shopify SEO can help you beat out the most powerful competitor in Google, Amazon. Let's dive in!

Understanding SEO vs. Amazon

Imagine this: you have your eCommerce store and sell real products. When you search for that product or a particular search phrase, you'll find Amazon dominating the results. And in the field of advertising, you might come across Wikipedia or LinkedIn, to name a few famous names.

Companies will outrank you for your keywords. But according to Gert Mellak, with the interview he had in Superfast Business Podcast, the best method to start right away is to leverage SEO to defeat Amazon on Google. It simply means giving people a little optimism that there's always certainly a way to go above Amazon in the search engine results. And it's something they've done with eCommerce clients before. 

Very often, they've heard it. People are doubtful to enter the field of SEO since whatever product they type into Google, they will find. However, when you have a smaller, six- or seven-figure business, you can do far better than Amazon does at their scale.

What's the Typical Scenario for Online Shopping?

It generally happens when you search for a product: you can discover it on eBay, Amazon, and a few private stores.

However, there's one thing James Schramko noticed. Here's what it is:

When he worked out what he wanted and went online to look for it, he was explicit about the product name. All e-commerce stores had the same product title tag, description, and specifications. They were homogenized in terms of dimensions. As a result, they'd have a difficult time ranking well.

Because of that, he purchased from Amazon, which is the most popular search. But he believes that eBay outranked them due to paid ads, although he finds eBay a little clunkier to use and a little less certain about who is truly supplying the target search.

The Reason Why Many E-commerce Stores Face Difficulties

Based on Gert's own experience, he worked on the technical side of the store for 16 years straight, month after month, until he retired. However, as time goes by, he thoroughly comprehends the situation. As Gert worked in the business, he witnessed every discussion and decision, including design, layout, and technology. Then, of course, there's the online store.

Gert concluded that: 

  • People have no awareness when they're in danger. 
  • When people aren't behind an extra store, they have no concept of what it means to get all of their products together, their titles, descriptions, and their data together.
  • Business owners and team members only work if all data is properly formatted in a database and retrieved by the store software.
  • Your team doesn't have a concrete plan and decision.

Running an e-commerce store is a good place to start. If you've ridden it, owned it, or know more about it, enhance and flavor it up. If you owned a business with 70,000 items, one of the first things you'd do is hire someone to determine the top 4% of sales and give them unique descriptions.

Is that something Gert would recommend for the correct products? How valuable is it to rank for something that will be obsolete next month? 

Don't Give Up Too Soon

So, let's say you decide to take on the task of outranking Amazon. You may need to hire someone, put in some time and effort, and examine where the extra work should be directed.

So, what's next? According to Gert, you should have a comprehensive and long-term strategy.

People frequently rely on sponsored advertisements, and paid advertising has increased in the last quarter of the year. This is generally where most decide they don't want to rely solely on paid advertisements. 

Here are some Shopify SEO tips:

  • Once you've decided on your grouping and emphasis, you'll need to put together a team to work on things regularly. Gert and his team, SEOLeverage™️, frequently collaborate with a client's team. They lay out the strategy and seek assistance in defining the most significant products, whether they have the best margins or are items that must be sold due to stock shortages, and so on.
  • Then you conduct extensive research, including competitive keyword research. You can see how you can improve the user experience.
  • Simply by adding relevant content that is both educational and entertaining, the value of collection pages can skyrocket.
  • Lastly, everything should be done with conversion in mind. This is where content and categorization come in. Internal connections and site structure have a role in this.

The Value of Adding Effort in Optimizing Your eCommerce Store

What if someone felt it was too much trouble and instead decided to list it on Amazon? What if they'd tried an agency and weren't happy with the results?

What truly matters, according to Gert, is someone to strive to align what is important in a short amount of time and guide you through the process. Signing a one-year contract isn't enough. So better to hire an agency for a month and then decide if you like them after that.


As an example, years ago, Gert began working at SuperFastBusiness for a month and chose to stay. He and James now work together in business. Intriguingly, the average SuperFastBusiness member has been a part of the community for over 50 months.

Many people in James' space use SEOLeverage™️.com as a secret weapon. And Gert works for several well-known companies, many of which will be familiar to James's audience. 

Help From a Great SEO Agency Is What You Need

To thrive in today's competitive industry, businesses require new, innovative ideas. A great team brings a fresh viewpoint to the table that will benefit the company. Businesses grow when they get the help of another group of individuals who can provide unique perspectives.

When Gert says it's necessary, they work on-site speed. They concentrate on freshening up the content and removing outdated posts. These are issues that must be actively managed.

Being a jack-of-all-trades or a master of one does not guarantee success if you cannot operate as part of a team. He's turned down people for his side because he could tell they were a one-person side that wouldn't work out. That is, the significance of teamwork cannot be overstated!

What Is the Great Outcome Gert Has Achieved

Gert has one that generates 5000 leads per month. The finest clients, though, are those that execute Gert's recommendations within a few weeks. However, if individuals see results, such as hundreds of leads or organic sales, the game changes dramatically.

Remember, things are different these days. Those that do not yet use Shopify are likely to do so soon.

Is It Working Well?

What is the road to success now?

You see an increase in organic sales, and when you go into Shopify, it tells you where the sale came from. And if you make a few hundred dollars and it's all organic, it can be extremely encouraging.

On an eCommerce site, content does matter. Gert is having a lot of success with one of his clients, for whom he manages the content. They have someone produce their content according to Gert's directions, and as a result, they are outranking many of the industry's major competitors.

They simply state what a product does. You can have a list of products, but no one thinks about truly explaining them and capturing leads at a far earlier point in the sales funnel than when they are ready to buy. In addition, if you only receive free traffic and retarget it, you can make a lot of money.

Strategies for Outranking Amazon

You can't achieve a successful outranking result without taking an SEO strategy. Let's break it down.

1. Make it into a type of action manual

You want to outperform Amazon, and you've now got a Shopify site to help you do so. According to Gert, Shopify has many SEO issues that need to be addressed. A few of those things are filters, and another is multiple variations of how to link to a product.

Some Shopify apps are better than others when it comes to filters, such as the type of URLs they generate, and so on. Typically, when a Shopify site is brought in, an eCommerce SEO audit is performed to determine what needs to be rectified, what's already been fixed, and what future issues exist. 

2. Consider more technical aspects

Once those issues are resolved, they attempt to identify priorities as quickly as possible. They create a prioritized list of action activities based on effort and impact so individuals know where to concentrate their efforts.

3. Hiring an expert will pay you the most

Shopify is a full-service eCommerce platform that includes marketing, payments, shipping, and customer involvement. It's no surprise that Shopify has more businesses and a global presence. That is, hiring a reputable SEO agency can help you outrank Amazon.

But what if you ever have a fantastic Shopify site but no visitors? Online marketing and search engine optimization for Shopify, like every online business, are a marketer's best friends. As a result, marketers will save money and time by employing an SEO professional for Shopify marketing. 

Start Outranking Amazon Now!

If your Shopify store isn't well-ranked in search results, it won't be able to reach its full potential. Your store product page must be successfully optimized for users and search engines, regardless of its attractiveness or knowledge. SEOLeverage™️ can help you through the process. Gert enjoys conversing with people and examining websites; keep in touch here

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