112 - Podcasting for Profit Workflow with Joe Fier


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Returning as the guest expert in this episode of the SEOLeverage Podcast is Joe Fier from Hustle & Flowchart. The time between his previous appearance is remarkably short due to the tremendous feedback received after Episode 109. Gert believed it was fitting to have him back for a more extensive conversation about podcasting.

When your aim is to convey your message and you're clear about your intention, purpose, and underlying motivations, your audience will naturally connect with what you're saying. It delves into a more profound exploration of your journey, comprehensively charting the process of executing a swift podcast launch. Then monetization naturally follows. There are effective ways to monetize directly on your show, either through guesting, sponsorship, membership and forums. 

Find out more by listening to this episode.  you wouldn’t want to miss.

Podcast Highlights:

00:00 Prologue

00:53 Podcast Intro 

01:53 Welcoming back Joe Fier to the show

03:03 Leverage your intention to create a deeper connection with your audience through your podcast.

05:08 The guesting approach

07:37 How can you prepare for guesting?

10:10 What is a cheat sheet and how does it help guests on a show? 

11:51 How has podcasting changed with the onset of AI? 

14:29 When starting a podcast, what are some of the things that can be postponed so as not to worry too much?

17:54 How to use your podcast as lead generation for your business and vice-versa as a guest on other shows?

23:32 Ways to get your podcast off the ground.

28:49 Effective ways to monetize directly on your show.

31:54 How do you use your podcast to be a direct line for people to become a customer?

34:58 How to create a community around a podcast even if it is only available in audio version?

37:42 The value in connecting listeners in a community, like a Facebook Group, membership platform or forums.

41:21 How does Joe Fier's team go about helping people who want to succeed in podcasting?

47:51 Where to connect with Joe Fier?

49:01 End


Chat GPT - https://chat.openai.com/

Perplexity - https://www.perplexity.ai/

Google Cloud AI - https://research.google/teams/cloud-ai/

Overcast - https://www.overcast.com/

Community Platform App, Skool - https://www.skool.com/

Connect with Joe Fier: 

Website - Hustle and Flowchart - https://hustleandflowchart.com/

Get the PDF of the Cheat Sheet on how to leverage a podcast - hustleandflowchart.com/seoleverage
Email - [email protected]

Connect with Gert Mellak:

Website: https://seoleverage.com/

Email: [email protected]

Podcasting for Profit Workflow with Joe Fier

Podcasting has rapidly grown from a niche hobby to a powerful platform for sharing thoughts and valuable content. In current years, it has additionally emerged as a viable source of profits.

If you’re intrigued by using the concept of turning your podcasting passion right into a worthwhile project, you’re in the right place.

In this episode, we’re going to delve into the podcasting for profit workflow, guided by the expertise of Joe Fier.

The Podcasting Pathway to Engaged Audiences

Leveraging podcasting’s potential doesn’t necessitate starting with the term itself. This is because of the factor that might discourage individuals due to voice or camera concerns. Joe advises against letting these obstacles hinder one’s approach.

As a podcaster, you need to consider adopting a method of capturing thoughts intentionally. Creating a deeper connection through speaking to your audience is ideal.

Every podcaster requires an effort to grow a show, particularly in terms of content and audience engagement. Remember, listeners return repeatedly due to the trust cultivated between them and the host.

The Guesting Approach in Podcasting

Podcast guesting is a great way to connect with an audience that you can self-select.

When you guest on a podcast, you’re tapping into an existing audience that's already interested in the topics you are talking about. This can help you to get your message out to more people. Plus, build relationships with other experts in your field.

There’s a whole process to finding the right podcasts to guest on. Joe and Gert recommend creating a “dream 100” list of podcasts that you would like to be a guest on. If you want to know more about this strategy, go over to episode 109.

Guesting on podcasts can be a more effective way to grow your audience than starting your own podcast. Gert Mellak adds his perspective, mentioning a direct contrast in launching the SEOLeverage Podcast and engaging in guesting. He noticed that the impact and feedback from being a guest on other shows surpassed that of his own podcast.

Tips to Become a Better Podcast Guest

When preparing for a podcast guesting, it is important to:

  • Identify the target audience and the topics that are relevant to them.
  • Be sure to be clear about your goals and how you can benefit their audience.
  • Be flexible and be willing to discuss topics that are not on your original list.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about your expertise and experience.
  • Be enthusiastic and engaging.
  • Create a one-sheet that summarizes your bio, podcast, or business, as well as your expertise and experience.

What is a cheat sheet?

A cheat sheet is a document that summarizes your expertise and the value you can bring to a podcast. It can also include a list of potential topics that you are comfortable discussing.

According to Joe, a cheat sheet can be helpful for these two reasons:

  • First, it allows them to be prepared.
  • Second, it allows them to answer questions in a concise and informative way.

The cheat sheet can be used by both podcast guests and hosts.

The Impact of AI on Podcasting 

AI has changed podcasting by making it easier to research topics and guests.

AI has changed podcasting by providing tools that can help with tasks. These tools can save time and help podcasters to produce better content.

Joe uses the Chat GPT app to get thoughts and ideas for podcast episodes. Additionally, he uses Perplexity and Google Cloud AI tools to research topics.

AI can also be used to improve the quality of podcasts. This can make podcasts more enjoyable to listen to. Although AI is helpful, it’s still in its early stages of development.

Things You Don’t Need to Worry About When Starting a Podcast

When starting a podcast, there are a few things that can be postponed so as not to worry too much. These include:

  • Equipment. Individuals tend to get caught up in the idea of needing advanced equipment. However, it’s always ideal to use what you already possess – a decent microphone, a quiet room, and headphones. This is without the need for extravagant gear.
  • Video. There’s a significance of video in podcasting’s future, especially with YouTube’s increasing integration. But it’s best to focus initially on the audio aspect.
  • Podcast launch. Instead of immediately diving into guest organization and scheduling, it’s ideal to plan a series of initial episodes. This includes five to ten, centered on the host. These episodes introduce the host’s brand, exploring the “why” behind their content and sharing their journey.
  • Logistics. Don’t get bogged down in the details. Just focus on creating great content, adding the value of SEO-rich show notes.

Joe also suggests repurposing guest episodes from other shows as content for one’s own podcast. This saves time and resources.

How to Use Your Podcast to Generate Leads for Your Business

Joe recommends these two strategies:

  • Be prepared. When you're a guest on someone else’s podcast, be prepared to share your lead magnet with the host and audience. These could be multiple offers tailored to different audience segments.
  • Have a follow-up system. Once you’ve shared your lead magnet, be sure to follow up with the people who have downloaded it. This could involve sending them a series of emails.

Here are other tips to get your podcast off the ground:

  • Start with your existing audience. If you have an email list or social media following, promote your podcast to them.
  • Guest on other podcasts. This is a great way to get your name out there.
  • Run paid ads. You can run ads on podcast apps and other websites. But it can be expensive.

If you’re invested in getting a successful lead generation, a “Quick Wins Audit” of SEOLeverage can help. This strategy has personalized offerings like website audits, which tend to resonate more effectively than common checklists.

How to Monetize Your Podcast

Here are ways to help you monetize your show.

  • Go for a flat rate
  • Integrate your entire media platform
  • Attach a sponsor to a series of episodes
  • Be proactive
  • Offer a media kit

Other than offering something to your audience, it’s also ideal to create an indirect approach. This is where it allows you to build trust with your audience before you ask them to become customers. Also, be clear about your products and services, even if you’re not making a direct offer

Building a Community Around Your Audio-Only Podcast

Here are some tips to consider:

  • Be authentic and transparent
  • Focus on the listener’s journey
  • Connect with listeners in a community like a Facebook group, a forum, or another online platform
  • Be consistent

One way to create a wider community in podcasting is by using tools like Skool. This is a membership platform that has a built-in community feature. Other than that, Joe’s team helps people who want to succeed in podcasting.

Hustle and Flowchart help you to create a podcasting strategy for your needs. This may involve guesting on other podcasts, launching their own podcast, or both.


Podcasting is increasingly useful and relevant nowadays. With a focus on strategy and preparation, you can get the potential of podcasting.

If you want to leverage your podcast, Gert’s team is there to help. Your podcast will become a dynamic platform for sharing knowledge and expertise.

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