004 - 11 Years of Content Marketing - with James Schramko


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Gert Mellak's mentor, James Schramko of superfastbusiness.com shares insights about his audience, and how to consistently create valuable content, year after year, by playing the long game.

Podcast Highlights: 

00:14 - Intro 

00:34 - How Live Events Should Feel Like 

02:55 - 80% Education - 20% Pitch 

03:20 - Don't Sell Hard 

04:07 - People Really Want Human Connection

04:28 - Nurturing the Community 

05:38 - Focusing on Feeding the Audience 

08:59 - James' History & Prime Goal

12:39 - A Very Good Overview 

14:42 - Selling Information 

15:07 - Roaring Interview with John Carlton

15:54 - Podcast with Tim Reed

17:31 - Why is Business Such a Long Game? 

19:00 - Thought to the Future, Thought to the Now and Have a Nod Back to the Past 

19:24 - Integrity is Rare

21:44 - You Can Control Your Own Reputation 

22:06 - SEO is Like a Reward System 

25:04 - Consistency in Content Creation 

25:32 - What Does It Take to be Consistent in Content Creation? 

27:31 - Own the Racecourse 

27:51 - Shrink It Down to Bite-sized Pieces

29: 31 - You Don't Want Just One Channel 

31:01 - Invest in Good Quality Content

32:33 - How to Get a Team Going

33:21 - Set Strong Expectations 

36:14 - Tips in Order To Go Down the Right Way

37:16 - Thanking James Schramko 

37:47 - End 

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