002 - Design & User Experience - with Greg Merrilees


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What does Design have to do with SEO?

Gert talks with Greg Merrilees from Studio1Design.com about the importance of design + user experience and Greg gives us his 10 tips plus his secret weapon!

Podcast Highlights: 

0:56 - Guest Introduction

1:30 - Importance of Conversion Focused 

3:27 - Humble Beginnings

5:13 - User Experience

6:52 - Getting the right balance between pretty design and conversion focus

8:38 - User Experience & User Happiness

11:47 - The Right Time to Invest on Custom Design

13:59 - Facts about using templates

15:29 - How to Make Sure Your Designs Convert

19:42 - Leading with Value

22:01 - Consistency is Everything. Focusing on Transparency. 

26:06 - Doing Work with an Impact. Experience is Key. 

28:36 - The Best Way to Engage an Agency

30:43 - Leakage Points

31:07 - Plug those Leaks

33:43 - First Impression is Important!

35:18 - Click Study

38:18 - Your website is never finished!

39:14 - Thanking our Guest

39:24 - Greg Merrilees contact information

39:29 - End

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