The Importance of a Good SEO Content Strategy

Getting to the top of the search engine results page is a milestone not every company can have. Achieving this goal works better when you know a handful of SEO content strategies to bring content to the top.

SEOLeverage’s latest case study centers on creating content that drives website traffic for businesses. This study also explores how valuable content contributes to user experience.

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What We Found

An E-commerce website (on Shopify) is an 8-figure company needing a content strategy of 100 articles in 12 months to boost revenue and traffic growth. Each article should be specifically researched. This particular client needs blogs that drive traffic using the best SEO practices.

What We Did

We implemented an SEO content strategy in three stages to address the problem:

  1. Content creation

We had to do keyword research and incorporate it into the articles. Every article contains keywords that would contribute to the search engine rankings of each post. However, we make sure not to overstuff keywords and let them flow naturally within the article.

Most of our content is tutorial-based. We do this by incorporating videos along with the articles.

  1. Styling

The articles have a fun, friendly, and almost conversational tone that makes readers feel as if they’re talking to a close friend. Most of the articles don’t go beyond 1,000 words. We try to keep it short to hold the readers’ attention.

  1. Upload to the blog

After thoroughly checking the articles, we upload them to the blog. We used SEO tactics like link-building and optimization of page titles and meta descriptions.

What Results We Achieved

The graph below shows the growth of organic traffic on the client’s website in just one year. The period covers from November 14, 2022 to November 13, 2023.

In this graph, you’ll see a steady increase in traffic throughout the whole year. On November 14, 2022, the organic traffic was more than 2,000 site visitors. Halfway through the year, by June 10, 2023, the organic traffic exceeded 4,000. When the SEO efforts turned one year, the website’s organic traffic reached 8,000.

The rise in web traffic shows how good content plays a crucial role in a successful SEO strategy. A hundred articles were written and published over a year. Every article has the right amount of keywords related to the topic to make it rank on top of search engines.

Writing good content that users find valuable and relevant will bring traffic to the website. Your content can help in addressing your audience’s needs and solving their problems. Doing keyword research, finding the best terms, and incorporating them into the content drive high search engine rankings.

Final Thoughts

Well-written and valuable content is one part of making a website land on the first page of search engine results. Add the right keywords into the equation, and you’ll get a high-traffic website in no time.

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