Shopify SEO

What we found

  • The client was using a Shopify site, in its out-of-the-box status, with many issues producing hundreds and thousands of URLs, useless canonicalizations, and many image-related issues.

  • Only a handful of keywords had good rankings, and those were everything else but stable.

What we did

  • We started off with a Deep Dive Audit, which illustrated the high-impact tasks to focus on - in this case, namely, URL clean-ups and content creation, as well as internal linking.

What results we got

  • Implementation was tricky at the beginning, but after a few weeks, the technical suggestions could largely be implemented.

  • Once collection pages got the appropriate, SEO-optimized content, the first movements were actually visible on the first pages of Google.

  • Internal linking made sure that Google could recognize which URLs should rank for which keywords, which ultimately also improved the organic conversion rate and increased sales from organic search.

What we loved:

Starting off with a “raw” Shopify site is always fun, there is a lot of potential for strong brands with a fresh Shopify site, to streamline their positioning in search.

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