How You Can Have A Knowledge Panel Without Wikipedia Link

A knowledge panel in search engine results will enhance your online visibility. While many believe that creating a Wikipedia page is the only route to obtaining a knowledge panel, there are alternative approaches that can be equally effective.

What Is a Knowledge Panel?

Knowledge panels are information boxes Google displays when a user searches for a specific place, person, organization, or event. These panels are powered by Google's knowledge graph, a system designed primarily to understand facts about entities and their relationships.

A typical Knowledge Panel consists of relevant information about the entity, such as:

  • logo
  • website URL
  • business details
  • other resources such as customer service numbers and social profiles

These panels provide credibility to your brand. It helps users become familiar with your organization and directs them to the information they seek.

If you want to establish a local knowledge panel, set up a Google My Business (GMB) profile. GMB profiles are vital in connecting local users with relevant businesses as they enhance local search visibility. Though this might not be as substantial as having a Wikipedia article or page, it will contribute to your overall presence in the knowledge graph. It will ensure that your brand information is accurate and accessible to local users.

While Wikipedia is a commonly cited source for knowledge panels, Google gathers information from reliable secondary sources like Forbes and Search Engine Land. Google also updates the panels automatically when the source information changes.

What we found

We did not have any knowledge panel and wanted to be an entity in the SEO world

Google automatically generates knowledge panels, so we cannot control them. 

We do not have a Wikipedia link, and we know that is an easy way to get a knowledge panel. So, we had to find another way to gain a knowledge panel.

What we did

We created an entity website that gives Google and other search engines all the information they need about the person we want to show the knowledge panel.

An entity website refers to a web page representing an entity, such as a person, organization, or brand. It is a platform where the entity can showcase its information, products, services, and other relevant details. It helps establish an online presence and can trigger a knowledge panel by providing accurate and detailed information about the entity.

Google is like a child and needs to learn all about us. So, we gave Google the context it needs to know everything about us.

To get a Google knowledge panel for our founder and chief search brander, Gert Mellak, we provided Google with lots of information about him. We shared stories about how he helped hundreds of consultants, coaches, and e-commerce sites grow their sales and established our SEO agency. We also emphasized how he developed our SEO approach, which started with creating his ERICA framework and the SEOLeverage App.

What results we achieved

Our founder, Gert Mellak, has a Google knowledge panel about him, with lots of images, links to their website, YouTube videos, and LinkedIn publications…apart from a long description about his job and links to and different social media platforms.

Imagine the good impact of this view on your clients and the high amount of traffic that could bring your business.

Gert Mellak's reputation on Google is high, which has a positive impact on his business and Google rankings. And we would love to do this for your brand as well! Our SEOLeverage team can help you get a knowledge panel for your brand without relying on Wikipedia pages.

Final Thoughts

Obtaining a knowledge panel without relying on Wikipedia articles is possible by leveraging various avenues within the knowledge graph. You can increase your chances of triggering a knowledge panel by:

  • optimizing your website
  • establishing a presence on business databases
  • garnering third-party mentions
  • utilizing platforms like Google My Business

Don’t forget to regularly maintain and enhance your panel to ensure accurate information and enhance your online visibility. Remember, Google relies on sources that feed the knowledge graph for information, and it is essential to ensure that your panel reflects accurate and up-to-date details.

If you notice any inaccuracies, you can provide feedback through the "Feedback" link at the bottom of the panel. However, it is also essential to address the root of the problem by identifying the source of the incorrect information and contacting them directly for corrections.

Google seeks factual information. Building trust requires consistency and corroboration from multiple reliable sources. Educating Google about your brand involves providing information in a format that it can understand and digest.

By following these strategies, you can claim your space in the knowledge graph and maximize your brand's exposure in search results.

If you need help with creating your knowledge panel without a Wikipedia page, send an e-mail to [email protected]. You may also book into our schedule.

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