Case Study: How to Get Featured Snippets

People are very interested in featured snippets as they are valuable in Google's search results. Your website can go straight to the top of search engine results with these short, informative pieces of content.

However, getting these sought-after Google-featured snippets isn’t easy. You need a plan to make your site better and to know how search engines work.

But What Exactly Are Featured Snippets?

Featured snippets are short, featured pieces of content that show up on top of Google's search results. They are meant to answer users' questions right away.

Win featured snippets for your content by organizing it well and improving it based on the questions and keywords people usually search for.

There are several types of featured snippets that can appear in Google search results:

  1. Paragraph featured snippets: These provide a brief, direct answer to a user's query in the form of a text paragraph.
  2. List featured snippets: These give an organized answer to a question by putting information in a list with bullet points or numbers.
  3. Table-featured snippet: These show data in the form of tables, which makes it easy for users to compare data. 
  4. Video featured snippets: These showcase a video as the answer to a user's query, often linked to platforms like YouTube.
  5. Image featured snippets: These include photos or pictures directly addressing the user's question.
  6. Knowledge card featured snippets: These have a lot of details about a subject, generally pictures and links to good sources.

To get highlighted snippets, you need to know how Google Search Console works and how search engines work in general. Consult with an SEO specialist on how to get featured snippets for your website. 

What We Found

After a careful audit, we found two important things that need attention– the page ranking and the featured snippet.

  • Our client's website ranks on page 1, position #6 on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for a relevant and competitive keyword on September 9, 2023.
  • The page showing a featured snippet receives more traffic compared to other pages ranking on page 1 and our client's website.

This finding shows how important it is to get a featured snippet and be at the top of Google's search results. Being there gets more people to the page, which can expand the site's reach.

What We Did

When we figured out what was wrong, we started right away doing what we needed to do to raise the client's ranking. Here's what we did:

  1. We checked the page ranking in position #1 and scanned through the article.
  2. We optimized the content by directly answering the user's query with straightforward information.
  3. Word count/characters were used in the snippet.

There is no set number of words that a sample must have to be a description box, but most featured excerpts with paragraphs have around 40 to 60 words, which is approximately 300 characters.

To optimize your content and make it clear to Google that you're answering people's questions like a paragraph-featured snippet, use the question as the section header.

The paragraph featured a snippet of our 290 characters with a clear and straightforward answer to the query. 

What Results We Achieved

After optimizing our client's site, it ranks in position #1 for an important keyword, showing a featured snippet compared to its previous #6 position on SERP. We got this result a month after optimizing the page.

Not only that, the traffic of the page was also improved.

The purpose of a featured snippet is to give you a quick, exact answer to the query you entered. If you want your page to rank for a featured snippet, optimize the page and answer the question as straightforward and clearly as possible. It will improve ranking and increase your site's overall traffic.

When we checked the client's website on September 9, 2023, we saw that it needed to be higher on the first page of Google's Search Engine Results Page. Within a month of working on their website, their page rank improved significantly on SERP for an important keyword, and it even received a featured piece.

We used different types of featured snippets, like "People Also Ask," to get these results and improved their content to get Google's featured snippets.


Keep and trigger featured snippets by ensuring that you structure your content and not go over a certain number of words or characters.

This case study shows the success of featured snippet optimization. Featured snippets are a digital goldmine in today's search engine world because they not only improve search rankings but also increase overall site traffic.

For assistance in securing featured snippets, feel free to reach out via email at [email protected] or schedule a booking with us.

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