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At SEOLeverage™️, we have been enthusiastic users of the rank tracker “accuranker” for years. Eventually, we eventually started to participate in their affiliate and wanted to share our experience with this tool.

What we found

At first, there was no SEO intention behind our review - it was just a summary of why we liked the tool to track our clients’ rankings. Eventually, in Google Search Console the team found that SEOLeverage™️.com was ranking on page 5 of Google for terms related to accuranker. This started a journey of pushing this ranking by applying our ERICA framework and other proven SEO tactics.

What we did

Multiple times since then, the article has been revised, tweaked, and optimized to make sure it is in line with Google’s expectations at all times. Google ranks what users want to see, so it’s really Google who will tell you via the top results what it is that their users want to find for a search term.

On top of optimizing the content, internal linking and the creation of some external links from guest posts were employed to bring in more authority from relevant sources to this article.

What results we got

The search term “accuranker” gets a global search volume of 1500 searches/month.

Our article on accuranker has been slowly going upwards until landing on page one, on the second-ranking, right after themselves.

Why we loved it

Experiments like these allow us to test different tactics before we apply them to our client's projects and show how our methodology ERICA works in competitive spaces.

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