3x traffic for course site in 4 months

What we found:

This website was offering both, in-person and digital courses, but only really got traction through their Google Ads - organic rankings on Google (SEO) was on pages 3, 4, and 5 for any important keywords.

What we did:

First of all, it was important to establish a clear focus: which are the keywords and topics that need to get ranked, and which pages should rank for them?

Having a Google Ads campaign with some conversion data helped establish a first set of proven search queries to optimize for.

Once the pages were defined, optimizations were made in terms of

  • on-page content
  • internal linking
  • user experience
  • layout / design
  • external links

What results we achieved:

After only 4 months, the website is now one of the top players in their industry on Google’s organic rankings.

Showing up among competitors’ courses helped drive conversions up consistently, and reduce the reliance on Google Ads to drive the business.

Why we love it

This client shifted gears multiple times in the campaign - whenever we reached the established goals, new target keywords got defined based on the brand’s new direction - and thanks to the SEOLeverage™️ platform and our amazing team, we were able to exceed our client’s expectations multiple times in this period.

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