The AI Revolution: How It's Reshaping SEO with James Schramko

Are you prepared for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution?

AI is disrupting almost every aspect of our lives, from home life to business and industry. And no field stands more to gain – or lose – than SEO.

In this episode, Gert with James Schramko will discuss what's driving AI's impact on SEO. Plus, see how businesses should prepare for the changes it will bring. 

AI Then and Now

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming more mainstream in businesses of all sizes. Google and other search engines have already been using AI to improve the user experience. Features like autofill suggestions and auto-responses in email programs are just the beginning.

While some believe that AI hype is distracting businesses from more important matters, others predict that AI will be an integral part of your daily lives. The applications for AI, including content creation, video, and image creation, are constantly improving.

As businesses adapt to this technology, SEO strategies will continue to evolve. It's interesting to note, however, that some things will remain constant. The future of AI is exciting, and we can't wait to see where it will be in just six months' time.

What to Expect and What NOT to Expect From AI

In today's age of AI-generated content, 50 articles may not seem like a lot. Instead, you can provide clients with detailed outlines that they can easily fill in themselves. Simply, AI eliminates the waiting game of traditional article creation.

As such, Gert applied this strategy on his local website. Because of the well-optimized content, the website started ranking in just a couple of weeks. This is game-changing for non-competitive markets or niches within competitive ones.

However, while AI can be valuable for creating topical relevance, it's important not to expect it to work miracles. Good prompt and human oversight is necessary for producing quality outputs.

Strategic content creation is key to building topical authority. But it still requires human input to create high-quality content. AI is not a replacement for the creativity and expertise that humans bring to the table.

What AI Can't Do and Can Do

As innovative as ChatGPT as an AI is, it's missing one key component: creativity. Without the human touch, content created by ChatGPT can lack uniqueness.

Experts Gert and James agree that AI training is crucial. However, the potential for advancing creativity through AI is boundless. In fact, James recently showed his father how ChatGPT could help him write a book simply by providing prompts.

In E-commerce, AI is also a big advantage. One major issue retailers face is duplicate content resulting from copying and pasting manufacturer descriptions. AI, however, can create sales-focused and unique product descriptions. While a human touch is still important, AI can significantly speed up the process.

With a little know-how, ChatGPT can become even more human. This produces content and descriptions that are both informative and captivating.

Can You Get Penalized for AI-Generated Content on Google?

Are you worried that AI-generated content may harm your SEO ranking on Google? According to Gert, it's not as big of an issue as some thought.

In fact, Google has been using and ranking AI-generated content for a while now. What you need to make sure of is putting in the creativity that AI lacks. Plus, make sure your content offers something valuable instead of just copying what's already out there.

When it comes to Bing and Google, Gert doesn't think that Bing will take over AI. However, the user behavior will shift. Gert also thinks that SEO will focus on brand awareness. This makes sure that the AI understands a brand as best it can.

Search Experience vs. ChatGPT

While AI is useful for some tasks, it doesn't offer the same experience as the traditional Google search that people are used to. Generally, people don't want to do iterations while searching.

Gert adds that ChatGPT's accuracy isn't always reliable, and it's helpful to ask for the source to get more accurate information. Additionally, you need expert writers who can evaluate the quality of AI-generated content.

Gert suggests that upskilling is the answer. Embracing AI as a tool can help writers become more efficient and creative. This ensures that their content aligns with the client's brand voice. James also believes that VAs still play an important role in businesses that use AI tools.

Wrap Up

AI is here to stay. And it's changing the way you do SEO for good. Businesses that want to see results must embrace this new trend.

So keep your eyes on the future while still leveraging all of your current tools as best you can. In that way, you can ensure that no matter what comes next to AI and SEO, you're ready for it.

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