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SEO is different than other channels.
And I’m no expert in social media ads.
Nor especially gifted with video ads.
I do know a thing or two about Google Ads though …
… but I digress.
SEO is different as you are aiming at a moving target.
What this means is:
While basic best practices have been the same for years,
the nitty-gritty stuff changes.
All the time.
If you haven’t noticed:
Right now, we are going through the rollout of the December 2020 Core Google Update.

(On one of those CORE updates, we helped one of my favorite clients recover a 70% ranking drop some time ago).

SEO changes, which means your tactics need to change as well.

As a result, my friend and mentor James Schramko from SuperFastBusiness kindly invited me to speak about ongoing SEO work …
… and how you can go about it on your site!
Listen in to the show over here: