How To Use SEO Strategies for Explosive Growth with James Schramko

These days, SEO is an important strategy for establishing your company’s credibility. It is a factor in driving traffic, converting leads, and boosting revenue in addition to these other benefits.

But don’t expect it to be an uneasy task. You need to tweak, change, and implement SEO holistically to get results.

In this episode, Gert and James Schramko will examine the metrics that are most important to an SEO campaign’s success. Additionally, they’ll talk about the elements that affect ranking and require monitoring.

Why Understand SEO Before You Implement

Gert emphasizes that SEO isn’t a quick fix or a game of trends. It’s about building a well-defined strategy that drives real results and conversions. He’s seen businesses suffer losses by refusing to adapt their strategies in the SEO landscape.

Additionally, SEO is changing. Gert suggested that you need to stop clinging to outdated SEO methods. Some blindly adopt a trendy “hack.” This gives the long-term impact or misalignment with their goals.

If you don’t understand SEO before implementing it, you’ll never get the result you want. Gert and James agree that you need to focus on building a solid SEO foundation aligned with your business goals.

The Strategy that Doesn’t Work Well

Early intervention in SEO saves headaches. Gert’s “quick wins reports” at SEOLeverage identify quick fixes and prevent common mistakes. This ensures that content aligns with goals. 

James considers how his SEO tactics have changed over time. They manually transcribe each episode of the podcast. Additionally, more of their procedures have been automated as a result of technology improvements.

But with Gert’s guidance, they shifted to modern videos tailored to specific, sales-relevant keywords. Ranking for the right keywords, not just any, attracts ideal buyers and fuels conversions.

Here’s what James learned from Gert:

  • Early SEO guidance prevents costly mistakes.
  • Align content with goals and target ideal buyers.
  • Embrace technological advancements and adapt strategies.

How to Get More Conversions

James’s website thrives on targeted SEO traffic. They want to convert visitors into paying customers. Gert, an SEO expert, acknowledges the challenges of adapting established practices.

Here are ways to get more conversions:

  • Attracting the right audience, not just any SEO traffic
  • Be cautious against vanity keywords
  • Embrace change and adapt to SEO evolution

Moreover, Gert compares SEO to filling buckets. This highlights its dynamic nature with constantly changing factors like site speed, content, and links.

Instead of relying solely on automation or manual tweaks, Gert’s firm leverages both for SEO success. SEOLeverage is a platform that empowers clients to track adjustments and impact. Aside from that, they have a team of strategists and consultants to ensure maximum SEO benefit.

Ways to Determine What’s Useful

Gert emphasizes defining goals and avoiding distractions. Trust your gut and align new approaches with your existing strategy. Learn from data, not fads. Observe outcomes, recognize trends, and build consistent systems, not viral one-offs.

Here is Gert’s flexible approach:

  • Collaboration: He partners with clients like James, guiding and adapting based on results.
  • Tailored solutions: Outsource fully or get in-house team guidance.
  • Dynamic engagements: No fixed agreements, strategies adjust to client needs and progress.
  • Confidentiality assured: Client details stay private, and industry insights are general.
  • Connecting dots: Each website is unique, even in similar markets, with individual SEO needs and results.

In essence, navigate the SEO landscape with clear goals, data-driven strategies, and trusted partners. Embrace adaptability and avoid chasing fads for sustainable success.

How SEOLeverage Can Help

SEOLeverage showcases case studies and encourages direct conversations to understand client goals. Gert clarifies that SEO results can’t be guaranteed, like personal training. Building trust takes time, and some clients observe before committing.

Gert shares an example of advising two women, whose initial business model he deemed unprofitable. Their later success in pivoting to luxury items validates his honest feedback.

That’s why seeking early advice can prevent costly mistakes, as evidenced by his own experience. With SEOLeverage, initial consultations are typically available. This ensures a good fit for both parties before any financial commitment.


Putting these tactics into practice can improve your visibility and result in impressive growth. By partnering with an SEO agency, you may successfully achieve improved and increased traffic.

Knowing the direction and goal of one’s SEO activities can help one avoid mistakes. Contact Gert if you’re interested in hiring them for your expert services.

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