November 2023 Latest Google Core Update: What You Should Know

On November 2, 2023, Google released its November 2023 core update. This is a major update to Google's search algorithm to improve both the quality and relevance of the web pages that are shown for search queries.

Google said that this November core update involves an improvement to a different core system than last month. Google also said that it will no longer be giving periodic notifications of improvements to its reviews system because they will be happening at a regular and ongoing pace.

Core updates are released periodically by Google, and they typically have a significant impact on website traffic and rankings. This latest Google core update is no exception. Site owners must be prepared to ensure that their sites still perform well on search engine results pages.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Google makes changes to its algorithm every year, but core updates are the most significant.
  • If your site is affected by the November 2023 core update, you should review Google's updated core update guidance for tips on how to recover.
  • Focus on publishing quality content and providing excellent user experience.

Quick Facts About the Google November 2023 Core Update

  • Name: Google November 2023 Broad Core Update
  • Launched: November 2, 2023 at 3 pm ET
  • Targets: All types of content
  • Rollout: One to two weeks to roll out completely
  • Penalty: It is not a penalty - it will promote or reward great web pages
  • Global: This is a worldwide update that will impact all regions and all languages.
  • Impact: Google wouldn’t tell what percentage of searches will be impacted by this update. But it will reach wide, and the impact is fast.
  • Discover: This core update impacts Google Discover and other features.
  • Recover: If this hit you, you must review your content and check if you followed Google's core update advice.

Why Should You Care

Whenever Google releases updates on its search ranking algorithms, you must check if your website did better or worse in the Google search results. Knowing when Google makes these updates will help you understand if the changes on your site after the update are caused by something you have changed on your website or if Google changed its ranking algorithm.

Today, we know Google rolled out a core ranking update. That means you must monitor your analytics and rankings over the following weeks.

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What to do if You Are Hit by Broad Core Updates

Google provided advice on what you should consider if a core update negatively impacts you:

  • There aren't specific actions you should take to recover.
  • A negative rankings impact does not always signal anything is wrong with your pages.
  • Google offered a list of questions to look into if a core update hits your site.


Why another core update so soon?

Google said that it has different systems that are considered core to its ranking process, and this month's core update involves an improvement to a different core system than last month.

What is the difference between a ranking update and a ranking system?

Ranking systems are what Google uses to generate helpful and reliable results. Google employs multiple ranking systems that do different things. Updates are when Google makes an improvement to a ranking system.

Why do some updates overlap?

Google said that it tries to separate notable updates so that website owners can better identify which system is involved. However, given that Google has so many updates overall, it's not always possible.

Additionally, when an update is evaluated and approved because it will make the search better, Google doesn't want to hold that back.

What can you do to prepare for Google updates?

  • Create high-quality content.
  • Optimize your website for user experience.
  • Improve your website's technical performance.
  • Build backlinks from high-quality websites.
  • Review Google's updated core update guidance for tips.

With these tips, you can help ensure your website is well-positioned to succeed in new search algorithms. Our team of SEO experts here at SEOLeverage will ensure your site is optimized and prepared for any update Google may release in the future.

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