Navigational Query

What is a Navigational Query?

A navigational query is a specific type of search query that users employ if they are searching for a particular web page or site.

Navigational queries indicate that the user has a specific destination in mind. They want to find it directly instead of exploring various options or general information. 

For instance, a user may enter “SEOLeverage™️” into Google’s search bar to reach the SEO agency’s site instead of using a bookmark or entering the URL into the navigation bar.

When are Navigational Queries Used?

  • If the user is familiar with the webpage or website they are looking for
  • When the user is searching for specific products or services that are only available on a specific website

Important Note: Navigational search queries differ from those that target informational search queries. They are also distinct from transactional search queries involving specific actions.

Why Is a Navigational Search Query Important?

The primary purpose of a navigational query is to help one save time and effort. It bypasses the need to look at search engine results pages (SERPs) to reach their desired website.

But here are other reasons why this type of user's query is important:

  • Brand recognition – It indicates that the brand has captured users' attention.
  • Website traffic – It drives direct traffic to websites.
  • SEO – It helps businesses optimize their content and website for better visibility in search engines.

How to Rank for Navigational Keywords

  • Establish a strong brand presence and reputation
  • Organize your site’s navigational menu and overall structure
  • Optimize your site’s title tags and meta descriptions
  • Include relevant navigational keywords and brand name 
  • Create quality content that aligns with your brand and target audience
  • Acquire quality backlinks from reputable websites
  • Monitor your site’s performance regularly

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