Deserve your rankings or die on page 2

Very often I get asked one of the most common clients' questions about SEO:

Why does my page on the URL X not rank on page 1 in Google despite all the links that have been built towards the URL to improve its rankings.

Because you get what you deserve. In order to be eligible for great rankings, you need to earn them.

How can you earn great rankings?

By helping Google do be the best search engine possible.

How can you do that?

By creating the best possible content.

How do you know when you have it?

Because you will have in there everything a user can possibly expect taking into account their underlying search intent.

What the heck is a search intent?

The reason why they queried Google in the first place. They need to be able to fulfil the task accomplishment.

What's a task accomplishment?

When a user queries Google for something, they have a task in mind they want to accomplish: finding out when Barack Obama was born, getting the local pizza delivery service' phone number, checking out pictures of cute little kittens falling asleep … whatever.

Google wants users to be able o accomplish their task. This has a high influence in what the content that helps them to do this must look like, starting from plain answers with 50 words, to long form articles of about 8000 words, infographics and 80 external links for references and biographies.

So, what do you suggest I do with my URL that doesn't rank well right now?

Follow these 5 steps:

  1. Figure out what's the search intent
  2. Figure out what task the searcher wants to accomplish
  3. Build your article around that.
  4. Build a few links (internal / external) towards the URL to give it extra strength.
  5. Verify the results 1-2 weeks afterwards.

OK, could you help me with that?

Sure, schedule a free 30 min no-sales-pitch info call with me:

Thank you, I will do that!

Great, let's talk soon then!