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SEO Target Research helps you make sure your
content works and ranks!

Are you starting off a new project and want to know which content will bring relevant, free, organic traffic from search engines?

Great idea! You only get exposure to your brand if you write about what they are searching for online.

Do you produce great content but can’t get it ranking?

This might be due to your site or your content not ticking some of the most important boxes for Google to pick page 1 search results.

In both cases, you’d better have proper research in place, so you can write content your target audience searches for.


You make sure your site has what it takes to be eligible for great rankings.

SEO Target Research

Here is what you get if you have your research done right:

Step 1: Briefing call

We need to understand exactly what you are trying to rank for, who your competitors are, what issues and problems your customers might be going through, and whatever else you could tell us about your niche.

This ensures our research gets the right foundation, and we go down the rabbit hole on multiple ends.



Step 2: Online market research

Your potential clients are not only active on Google, but also on forums, facebook groups, social media platforms like twitter or YouTube, and probably many more platforms.

In step 2 we discover where they are, and what’s on their mind, so after an evaluation we then have what it takes to perform the best possible keyword research from all important angles.


Step 3: Keyword research

Based on the extensive online market research executed in step 2, your site’s keyword research contains much richer results from all kinds of different angles.

The goal of this step is to provide you with a list of hundreds, mostly thousands of search queries your target audience is using online, and structure them into different buckets, to make this an actionable list for years to come.


Step 4: Topic roadmap

Your site will not rank for all the keywords – nor should you try to rank for all of them. The content roadmap is going to list, in a structured, hierarchical way, at least 25 well-researched topics where your current domain has a realistic chance to rank, based on what Google considers for top rankings, and the competitive landscape in those topics.

This is going to be a list to hand over to a writer, so they know what topics to write next.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Gert far exceeded our expectations, got back to us much quicker than we thought he would, and provided lots of detail and suggestions about our business that we didn’t know about. 

Joseph N. Gerocs

CEO @ 90daykorean.com

It’s been impressive to see how the target research brought up themes that matched exactly what constantly comes up on our sales calls. Now we’ve got our answers published on our site.

Luis Torrejón

CEO @ instalacionestorrejon.com

The last thing you want is to pay a writer to create content that's never going to drive traffic to your site.

Gert Mellak, CEO

The last thing you want is to pay a writer to create content that’s never going to drive traffic to your site.

Gert Mellak, CEO

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