Adding a Trust Badge to a Shopify Store: An In-Depth Guide

As a Shopify store owner, you want people to know that your store is trustworthy and builds trust with your customers. There are several ways to do this. This article is your guide to learning how to add a trust badge for your store on Shopify.

But the time you are done with this article, you should:

  1. Know how to add a trust badge to your Shopify store.
  2. Identify where you can add security seals to your Shopify store.
  3. Know some of the best trust seals you could use for your Shopify store.

Excited? Then read on as we get right into it! 

What are trust badges?

The trust badge is a badge you can place on your website that says to potential customers, "I am trustworthy." A trust badge is a symbol of good faith placed on your website. It lets customers know you're trustworthy, even before they've completed their purchase.

To make full use of your Shopify store, you must ensure that you provide the best experience possible for your customers. Trust badges assure shoppers of safe checkout, win their trust in seconds and drastically reduce bounce rates. 

Trust badges assure your customers that they can purchase from you without worrying that something would go wrong with their purchase later on. 

Do trust badges work?

Security badges seem to be more than a symbol. According to studies conducted by Baymard Institute, trust seals work in preventing shopping cart abandonment. Shoppers feel safer when they see a logo of a well-known security brand or a generic image such as a padlock during checkout.

This makes trust badges crucial for your Shopify store and essential when it comes to conversion rate optimization. As consumers are becoming more aware of cybersecurity issues, it is no wonder that trust badges have become such a popular way to influence shopping decisions.

Statista's 2015 study of shopping cart abandonment in the United States shows that payment security concerns are one of the primary reasons digital buyers abandon their carts. Secure checkout badges seem to have had a noticeable impact on cart abandonment rates in this market segment.

Chart showing why digital buyers abandon their carts (Image Source)

Where can you add trust badges to your Shopify store?

It depends on the type of badge, your design, and what you're trying to convey. In most cases, here's where you can add one or two: 

  • Footer: Secure Checkout, Third-Party Endorsements, or Guarantees.
  • Product Descriptions: Secure Checkout or Product Badges & Certifications.
  • Cart: Secure Checkout or Accepted Payments.
  • Checkout: Secure Checkout, Accepted Payments, Guarantees, or Third-Party Endorsements.
  • Home (Landing Page): Secure Checkout or Third-Party Endorsements.

By putting your trust badges at the very bottom of your store, you can quickly establish your store as a trustworthy page and boost the likelihood that shoppers will shop with you longer.

Shopify apps let you design trust badges—but don't go overboard! It is also important not to overdo it—if too many trust badges appear on a page or an individual product listing, consumers might feel disrespected or confused about which badge means what.

Adding Trust Badges to Your Shopify Store

Here are ways to add Trust badges to your Shopify store:

  • Creating your Trust badge
  • Using Shopify apps
  • Editing your Shopify’s store footer

Creating Your Trust Badge

Though this option would require some technical skills like using photoshop, we understand there might be people who would love to create their trust badge. You can build trust badges for your Shopify store by using ready-made ones on Google or use your Graphic design skills to create one.  

Ready-made trust badges. (Image Source)

When you design your trust badges, ensure you use a transparent image. This is to allow your design to blend with any website's color.

When you are done with your security badge design,  you can do the following to add your design to your Shopify store:

  • Go to Assets
  • Select Add a new asset section.
  • Copy the URL of your new image
  • Paste the URL code to the area that reads "URL."

Using Apps on Shopify

If you’re compatible with budget-friendly plugins and apps, Shopify allows you to use apps for security seals for your Shopify store. Several trust badge apps are available for free, so you can choose yours from the best trust badge apps for Shopify.

Trust badges apps are simple to use, require no technical knowledge, and have limited design options. However, they are not the only option.

Editing Your Shopify Store’s Footer

Finally, you can add trust badges to your Shopify store by making changes to the footer section of your store. To make these changes, you have to head to the theme editor. 

Here is how you can edit your Shopify footer:

  • Locate the Theme editor
  • Select Footer
  • Tick the Show payment checkbox
  • Save your changes.

Another efficient method is to add payment providers to your page as it informs customers on how to pay you. You want to be sure your theme enables the payment option in the footer, or this method of customization described here will not work for you.

Best Trust Badges for Your Shopify Store

A trust badge on Shopify is a great way to build credibility with your customers. It will help them know that you are an established online business and one that they can trust. It's also a great way to add a professional touch to your site. Here are some of the best trust badges for Shopify stores:

  • Third-party endorsements 
  • Safe Checkout Badge 
  • Free shipping Badge 
  • Accepted payment badges 
  • Money-back guarantee

Third-party endorsements:

Third-party endorsements are the best way to build credibility for your business. You can get third-party endorsement badges through a review and application process or work with a trusted third party to add them to your store.

Third-party badges such as the Better Business Bureau Accredited Business badge and the Google Customer Review badge (both available in your Shopify store) are good examples of third-party endorsement badges you can add to your website.

Google customer review badge (Image Source

Safe Checkout Badge

A safe checkout badge is a seal that shows you have a secure connection to your Shopify store. This authentication method assures your customers that their data transferred over the Internet is safe. 

The most known trust badges are from Symantec, VeriSign, and Norton Systems.

Takeaway: This article shows you how to highlight your business' positive reputation by adding trust badges in your Shopify store.

Free Shipping Badge 

When you add a free shipping badge to your site, it shows that you believe in the quality of the products you deal in, value your customers, and want them to enjoy the shopping experience they've come to expect from you.

The "free shipping" badge is one of the most compelling features on today's e-commerce sites. It can be added to your Add to Cart and Checkout pages, Homepage and Frequently Asked Questions page, or a dedicated Shipping page.

Free shipping badge: (Image Source)

Accepted Payment Badges

According to research conducted by conversion XL – familiarity translates to a feeling of security. Another good thing about these trust badges is that they are freely available and easy to get on your website or payment page.

Accepted payment badges are effective in creating trust because they give customers confidence. Also, when you include payment options like:

  • Visa 
  • American Express 
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal 

These payment badges on your Shopify store build confidence in your website visitors. 

Accepted payment badges (Image Source)

Money-Back Guarantee

Badge symbols help build trust with your customers. You can get these badges for free, but if you have graphic design skills, you can easily make personalized versions on the Internet.

Money-back guarantee badge (Image Source)


1) How do I change my trust badge on Shopify?

To insert trust badges on your theme's cart page, go to the theme customization page and then to your cart page. Go to the cart page settings and upload your trust badge images.

2) Where is the best place for me to put my Trust badges on my Shopify store?

Based on a study by TrustedSite has recorded that 72% are worried about having their credit card information stolen when shopping online. Thus, the best place to display your payment trust badges would be at the checkout.

3) Which site seals create the most trust? 

PayPal-verified seal is considered the most trustworthy, but  Google Trusted Store, Norton, BBB, and Visa-Mastercard are all worth considering.

4) How do I check if a Shopify store has a trust seal?

Usually, if a Shopify store has a trust badge, you would find it located on the store’s website footer or check-out pages  The presence of these badges on a Shopify store is an indicator the store has security features to guard your information. 


Deciding against having security seals on your Shopify store is a terrible idea. You must build trust with customers on your Shopify store within the shortest time possible. 

Using trust badges as leverage, you would instill trust in your store, which will lead to higher conversion rates and more sales.