12 Great Tools to Spy on Your Shopify Competitor’s Ads

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If you have opened a store online, you may have thought of using Shopify tools to expand your business and make it a successful venture. However, for your online business to succeed, you need not just a great product but also an excellent marketing strategy.

Creating a brand image for your business and implementing it through Shopify ads is one of the best ways to go about it.

If you have used FB Pixel, you will know that it is a powerful yet one of the easy to use Shopify tools that can help you track your ads and their results with great accuracy. For example, this is a great way to know how many people your ad has reached and how much revenue it has generated.

So, if you are looking for Shopify tools to help track your competitor's Shopify ads, this list is for you!

Tools to Spy on Shopify Ads

1. Facebook Ads Info

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Facebook Ad Manager is one of the leading Shopify tools one can use to spy on competitors' ads. It helps track the performance of Shopify ads and allows you to view the version of your competitors. 

This is one of the best tools that you can use to spy on competitors' ads and get better results. If you have created a Facebook ad campaign but want to know how well it is performing, you can use this tool to monitor its performance and find out how many people it has reached.

You can then compare the results with similar campaigns run by your competitors. This tool is available for free and is used by more than a million people worldwide. 

You can create your account with Facebook or use the tool without an account. In addition, you can download Facebook Ad Manager for free from their website and use it as per your needs.

2. Niche Scraper

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Niche Scraper is one of the best web-based software that helps you find profitable niches. This Shopify tool can help you find profitable niches with ease and also allows you to save your niches for later use.

You may examine a complete Shopify store using Niche Scraper, and you'll have access to all of their best-selling items and supplier links. Additionally, you might look for stores using a specific term or conduct research using the store URL. This allows you to examine your competitor's Shopify ads.

You can easily add any product to your store with Niche Scraper by simply clicking a button, which is an intriguing technique.

You'll have access to Shopify stores on Niche Scraper, their traffic statistics, revenue projections, and other crucial information for organizing your entry into the contest.

3. BigSpy

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Spy on your competitors' Shopify ads with BigSpy. You can save time and money by finding all commercials that have been watched.

Get ideas and niches with social evidence and real-time data, allowing you to keep an eye on the activity as it happens. For example, the device regularly selects popular or trending advertising daily with the intelligence needed to drive down ad prices and improve profitability.

Depending on your preferences, you can either track the overall performance curve or ad scheduling. You can also search and filter results by using ad types, international locations, codecs, enterprise type, CTA, and date, uncovering fresh ideas or niches that are being monitored by many users every day.

Daily trending commercials are selected using vast databases and knowledge.

4. BuiltWith

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Shopify tools like BuiltWith can be used to gain a glimpse at what's going on behind a website's surface. Well, with BuiltWith, it's now simple to find out, and what's even more intriguing is that it's completely free.

Type the Shopify store URL or any other store's URL into the BuiltWith search field to use the service. The outcome will reveal every tool and application utilized on the website.

For example, this will enable you to learn which Shopify email service provider your competition prefers, the best analytics and tracking software, etc. The fact that you can improve on this, replicate, and raise website conversion rates is what matters.

5. Xpareto

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Xpareto is a straightforward application with a small set of features. It does, however, assist in spying on Shopify ads. Shopify stores can be found using either their URL or keyword used. In addition, you can access information about traffic patterns and links to online retailers.

This is just a straightforward tool with scant information, but it works. You will at least have access to the store's essential data if you spy on it using Shopify tools.

6. MOZ

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By examining and monitoring incoming links, MOZ is another one out of many Shopify tools that can understand why your website or page ranks where it is in the search results. Analyze the structure of your competitors' link profiles to find out how and where they obtain links. 

Maintain link equity and traffic from the outstanding oneway links you have acquired by quickly identifying and correcting broken links on your website. Reduce the number of spammy links leading to your website, and the best hyperlinks will blossom.

Use Link Intersect to find out who links to your competitors but not to you. Check out which articles and top pages do better than the others, and research your rivals.

This website will show you whether links to your material are increasing or decreasing.

7. Ecomhunt

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The main focus of Ecomhunt as a Shopify tool is on winning products. Therefore, curating successful products for Shopify ads is its primary objective.

They also provide connections to reputable Shopify companies that sell these popular items. If done well, you can browse the store and see how it is designed and customized, in addition to having access to their best-selling products.

Having access to your competitors’ best products can benefit your store. Ecomhunt includes a Google Chrome extension that enables you to search for sponsored ads on Facebook, further distinguishing it as an incredible piece of software.

8. SimilarWeb

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You can use the powerful tool SimilarWeb to snoop on the Shopify ads of your rivals. It informs you of the volume of visitors a site receives and, more significantly, its source.

You'll be able to identify the social media platforms your rivals are using to generate most of their sales and traffic engagements in this method. A general overview of the store's overall traffic and source will also be revealed as the most effective channel.

The ability to compare two or more competitors and obtain a complete picture of their websites is equally excellent.

9. Koala Inspector

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Koala raises the standard for what a Google Chrome add-on should be able to do since it is compelling—way more powerful than it should be.

Add it for free to your browser, then visit any store—whether one of your competitors or an inspiration—click the Koala icon on your browser, and Koala Inspector will whisper to you helpful information, such as:

  • applications your rivals are using
  • product information and their use patterns
  • businesses they partner with, information about the advertising and campaigns your competitors are doing.

10. Commerce Inspector

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Xpareto on steroids is Commerce Inspector. For a smooth spying experience, it even includes a Chrome extension.

The free version of Commerce Inspector offers a thorough analysis of your competitors’ Shopify ads, including:

  • Tracking of products: top-selling items, order information, product variations, and product releases.
  • The site uses Shopify apps.
  • Traffic analysis: track monthly visit data and traffic source information.
  • Trends: learn about the best-selling items on the eCommerce marketplace.

You may watch your competitors' stores with Commerce Inspector's paid plans, which also provide tools like shop-level income, product-level revenue, and advertisements reports.

11. AdSpy

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AdSpy is a sophisticated ad surveillance tool with many unique capabilities, but don't worry because it costs less than other espionage tools.

Thus, we can describe it as a powerful and incredibly affordable instrument. It would be best if you searched for your keywords more than seven times every day to increase the effectiveness of your PPC campaign.

From a global database, AdSpy provides you with helpful information from social media sites. You should test out AdSpy for free if you're looking for a quick or effective solution to monitor and identify the revenue generated by FB Ads.

12. Visto

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Keeping you informed about the marketing world is any advertisement spy program's most frequently requested feature. A platform is worthless if it is outdated. Visto will keep you up to date with the most popular market trends.

They contend that a sizable database is insufficient. So instead of spending time digging into the big pool, you must have filtered data.

Their sector-specific filters will ensure you swiftly get what you're looking for, with the details you need, and those unnecessary advertisements aren't displayed.

Visto AI has all the qualities that match your demands and won't make you waste time on other searching methods.


The above Shopify tools will help you spy on competitors' ads and get better results. If you’re looking for a great way to get better results from your ads, you must try them out. 

You can use these tools to track your competitor's ad campaigns and determine how well they perform. This is a great way to get better results from your Shopify ads.

These tools will help you save time, money, and energy and get better results from your Shopify ads. In addition, you can use these tools to monitor your competitor's ad campaigns and find out how well they are performing. 

You can then use this knowledge to enhance your ad campaign and get better results.