SEO for ecommerce sites

Sell more with your
ecommerce site with ongoing SEO improvements

The ERICA Framework – Your Answer to the Toughest SEO Challenges

SEO for e-commerce sites can be really, really hard!

Ecommerce SEO can be much harder than doing SEO for an average blog or magazine:

  • thousands of URLs
  • standard manufacturer texts
  • Google taking days to index new content
  • YMYL space brings additional pressure
  • conversion focus doesn't allow some normal tactics
  • etc.

How to handle SEO then to sell more stuff online?


SEO for ecommerce site consists in both, one-time and ongoing activities:

On the "one-off" side of things, you need to get an in-depth overview about what is going on deep down in your website:

  • How is the site structure set up?
  • Is the theme's coding correct?
  • Is the content optimized enough?
  • How does the site perform?
  • Can it be any faster?
  • Is it user-friendly?
  • What about internal linking?
  • How optimized are your images?
  • What about backlinks?
  • Any negative SEO going on?

Our Deep Dive Audit is going to give you the answers you are looking for!

For ongoing SEO, we have found a rhythm of 2 weeks to be ideal:

As a client of ERICA, you get frequent insights into 

  • What's your e-commerce site's current status
  • What are the results of the work done in the last weeks?
  • What to focus on in the next 2 weeks?
  • What's working for your competitors?
  • What could be working for you as well?
  • How could you leverage a competitor's drop in rankings?

Get SEO based on tried and tested methods!

About Gert Mellak:

Gert has been helping sites to grow their relevant traffic from Google for over 19 years: from small one-(wo)man businesses, to international corporations like Regus, SmartMarketer or StealthSeminar.

Over the years, he has continuously optimized his approach to SEO, creating a framework called ERICA, which streamlines consistent execution for TOP results.

Gert is also the founder of SEOLeverage™️.com, a fully transparent agency working based on the ERICA standards.

After having my team implement Gert's recommendations, there has already been very noticeable results. But the great part is that there are no smoke and mirrors. I am empowered as an active participant.

Gert and his team have been able to help a huge variety of businesses in the past, some of which are: