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Gert Mellak

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Not all SEO takes 6-8 months!
Let our experts find the low-hanging fruit on your site!

Kick off your SEO focusing on the low-hanging fruit.

Get a list of min. 5 quick wins to implement in the areas of

  • Conversion optimization
  • Content design
  • Keyword opportunities
  • User experience

Our team of experts dives into your site,
focusing on high impact / low-effort tasks!

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Ask yourself this:

  • Why is your current SEO not driving conversions?
  • Why is your content not attracting the right audience?
  • Why do you get traffic, but not make more sales?
  • Where could you make your SEO more efficient?
  • How could an overall SEO strategy help to make more sense?

The Quick Wins Report

  • A detailed overview of your current search performance so you know where you stand with Google
  • An 80/20 of your current SEO traffic, so you know what your traffic currently depends upon
  • Quick wins in the areas of
    • Content
    • Conversion optimization
    • User experience
    • Keyword opportunities
  • A 30-min. SEO strategy call with our founder Gert Mellak, sharing some additional strategies for your particular site
  • As a BONUS: extra remarks that catch our SEO strategists' attention when going through the analysis.
  • All nicely packaged in a single PDF document with screenshots.
*One-time payment (PayPal or Credit Card, 3-5 days delivery)
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The Easy-to-Follow Quick Wins 
Will Help Unlock 
More Organic Traffic, Leads 
and Sales

Take a look at other businesses just like yours who upped their SEO performance and results with the tactics you’ll get access to…

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Your Quick SEO Audit Will Give You at Least 10 Actionable Tactics That You Can Implement Immediately

(No Outside Help Necessary)

Just one of the tactics you’ll discover can help start generating more organic traffic, leads and sales…
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500+ Businesses Have Generated 10,000s of Leads & Sales With Our SEO Tactics

What Our Clients Say

Gert far exceeded our expectations, got back to us much quicker than we thought he would, and provided lots of detail and suggestions about our business that we didn’t know about.
joseph n gerocs

Joseph N. Gerocs

CEO @ 90daykorean.com

Epic site audit with easy to follow, prioritized action steps. It’s a pleasure to work with Gert and his team!
ezra firestone

Ezra Firestone

The site audit really gave us enough material to improve our site over the following months, resulting in an almost immediate 15% plus in traffic and continued this way over several months.
luis torrejon

Luis Torrejón

CEO @ instalacionestorrejon.com


With Google’s Most Recent Update Causing SEO Chaos, Getting an Expert SEO Opinion Has Never Been so Important

Google’s done it again… Their most recent update sent thousands of websites spiraling down to the deep dark regions beyond Page One. Years of hard work undone in an instant.

The Almighty Google is a temperamental beast. If your SEO isn’t built on solid ground, a single update is all it takes to bring your business to its knees.

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Here’s a Reminder of What Enhancing Your SEO Can Do for Your Business…

  • More FREE web traffic
  • More organic sales
  • Greater authority in your niche
  • More high-value organic leads
  • Lower CACs
  • Less reliance on PPC ads

Boost your SEO results, fixing the low-hanging fruit!

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*One-time payment (PayPal or Credit Card, 3-5 days delivery)
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This Is a Manual Audit Conducted by our team of strategists and SEO consultants - Not Some Generic Report Spat out by Software

A lot of SEO “audits” are little more than an auto generated report from software designed to get you on a sales call.

Not ours!

An SEO Leverage Quick Wins Report is conducted by a team of SEO strategists and experts led by SEOLeverage founder Gert Mellak. 20 years of experience combined with the latest SEO technology, AI, and machine-learning delivers this highly personalized SEO Quick Wins report for your business.

Purchase now (100 USD)
*One-time payment (PayPal or Credit Card, 3-5 days delivery)

We Offer Quick SEO Audits Because We Know Hiring a new SEO agency Can Be Daunting…

Most SEOs will try and convince you that you need to sign a long-term contract before they show you what they’re capable of. Only for you to discover after it’s too late that they over promised and under delivered. Making matters worse, that hefty contract you signed still has months to go on it…

We take a different approach to our SEO services.

We want you to see what we’ve got BEFORE without having to commit your SEO future to us. No long-term contracts. No hard sales pitches. That’s how confident we are of our SEO capabilities.

*One-time payment (PayPal or Credit Card, 3-5 days delivery)
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P.S. Looking for More Hands-on Help With Your SEO? We Can Help With That Too…

If you want help implementing SEO on an ongoing basis so you can stay  focused on core parts of business, we can help.  But there’s zero obligation  to work with us beyond your Quick Audit. 



Some other SEO companies offer free audits, why is your quick wins analysis not free?
What you will find is free audits are often auto-generated reports designed to do little more than get you on a call with a salesperson. As they say, there’s no such thing as a “free lunch”. We charge a small one-time fee for our reports to cover the time our consultants put into creating a comprehensive, personalized report about your SEO performance and promising quick fixes you can implement today.
Who will conduct my Audit?
We have a team of SEO strategists and consultants who will work on your SEO Quick Wins Report. When you receive it, you will be able to use it to start optimizing your SEO, and get on a 30 min. call with our founder Gert Mellak, who will bring you more ideas about improving your rankings 
I’ve never done SEO before. Will a Quick Wins Report help me?
This Quick Wins Report is ideal to get your started, even if you have never done SEO before. 

It will give you at least 5 actionable tactics you can implement immediately. 
I've done a lot of SEO. Will a Quick Wins still be valuable to me?
Sometimes we need another point of view about what we are doing. Especially when we have tried all kinds of SEO techniques and nothing seems to work.
Do you need to access my Google Analytics?
We don't need access to your Google Analytics.
How long does it take to receive the results of my quick audit?
Usually no more than three working days!
Are there any ongoing commitments after my Quick Wins Report?
The only commitment you have is to start as soon as possible implementing our SEO ideas to boost your rankings as quickly as possible!
I have some additional questions. Is there someone I can talk to?
Of course, you can write directly to our SEO support at [email protected]

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