Local construction business SEO

What we found

A new business wanted to establish their brand in Madrid, Spain and reached out for help with their search marketing. Their main focus was office refurbishment, which limited the potential growth areas quite a bit right from the beginning.

What we did

An SEO campaign takes a few months to start showing results, which is why in parallel, we rolled out a lead generation campaign on Google Ads. This way, our client not only got fast results to jumpstart their business - we could also see which keywords actually brought in the right kind of client.

The SEO strategy was largely based on 3 pillars:

  • Service pages
  • Blog posts
  • Link building

Service pages were optimized to rank for specific services around office refurbishment. At the same time, blog posts were published in order to target long-tail keywords and drive authority to the service pages via internal linking. On top of that, link building from relevant sites in the construction and business areas brought in authority from external sources.

What results we got

Office refurbishment is a competitive niche in Spain, so it took about 8-10 months to see the first rankings coming up on page 1. In the meantime, our client was busy attending the leads coming in through Google Ads, and the intel retrieved from there was of great value for more blog content.

Before every few days, after about a year, e-mails, requests for proposals, and leads on specific services started coming in - every single day.

Why we love it

Helping a new business off the ground is very satisfying: seeing how this business then starts hiring the first person, getting a company vehicle, moving to another, bigger location - you don’t get this every day in an agency.

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