Legal business SEO

What we found

SEOLeverage™️ was approached by a site from the legal industry that was stuck with their most important keywords on pages 2 and 3, and although their SEO agency back then did a few initial optimizations, those did not move anything at all.

What we did

After an initial Deep Dive Audit, some essential fixes were made, and the SEOLeverage™️ team suggested tweaking the navigation and a stronger focus on internal linking.

On top of that, several pages on the site had to be revised, in order to make sure their content was in line with Google’s expectations - those change over time, and thus require ongoing content maintenance...

What results we got

Over the course of 4 months, applying the ERICA framework and with our clients’ help implementing specific suggestions, the desired keywords started to show up on page 1. At the time of writing, 6 months into the project, their rankings are as high as #3 on Google’s page 1, for search terms with 2K searches per month, market USA.

Apart from an increase in traffic, our client notices a considerable increase in organic leads and is looking into further ways to increase the amount of qualified traffic and brand exposure on an international level.

Why we love it

Taking over a project from another agency is always challenging: most of the low-hanging fruits have already been taken care of, and what’s left are the really tricky goals that require long hours of research and consistent implementation.

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