Coaching business 2x Traffic

What we found

This website had been around for years, adding more and more articles every single week, without factoring SEO research and optimization into the process.

When analyzing the content, we realized there was a lot of leverage in working with the already existing content, making it more user-friendly, and helping Google to connect the dots and figure out this site.

What we did

After an initial analysis, the team assigned to this project determined specific actions for the following areas:

  • Content design
  • Content layout
  • Internal linking
  • Building content cluster
  • Adding calls to action

Following our proven framework, these elements were improved iteratively in fortnightly sprints, while documenting the process and the results inside the SEOLeverage™️ app.

What results we achieved

We are happy to show the following 3 months year-over-year report, with almost 2x in clicks and impressions, and an overall improvement in average position.

The next report shows the progress in conversions, +40% organic conversions year over year, getting more people on the client's e-mail list, ready to be warmed up for his high-ticket coaching program.

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