To start using the SEOLeverage App, please choose between the following 2 options: 
STARTER if you’d like to use the app on your own and send occasional support tickets to our SEO expert 
PRO if you’d like to leverage the weekly group calls for further training, advice, and accountability.
All SEOLeverage Features
+ In-App support tickets

$99 monthly
All SEOLeverage Features from "Starter"
+ Weekly Group QnA call with Gert Mellak

$250 monthly
If on top of the app, you’d also like strategic guidance, bi-weekly line-ups of focus tasks,
group calls and extra support, the following upgrades are available for all our app users
from inside SEOLeverage:
All SEOLeverage features
Strategic SEO consulting
Definition + Details around your focus-tasks
Video updates
Premium support
Quick 1:1 Check-ins on demand
$940 monthly
All Inclusive
All Features from "Consulting"

Plus: Hands-off SEO with our Team's help in:

SEO Content writing
Link building 
On-Site Implementation

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still need ahrefs or semrush if I use SEOLeverage?
Yes, SEOLeverage does not offer keyword research beyond keywords from your existing website
and does not have its own backlink database. We recommend having access to either ahrefs or semrush
to leverage those tools for deeper research.
What happens if I have an SEO question?
Inside the app you will find the support center, our team is well-versed in SEO and will be happy to provide
guidance based on your current situation.
Do you provide training?
Inside SEOLeverage you will find videos explaining the different sections, as well as a resource section with specific SEO training for you or your team.
If you need specific training, feel free to file a support request, as we might be able to point you to a third-party training resource.
Is this only an app, or do you also help me with SEO?
All our users have access to the app - if you need more guidance on a regular basis, we recommend going for our medium option, giving you access to weekly QnA calls, or our consulting program for more specific, strategic guidance.
You can switch plans after the end of each month to make sure you get the right support at any given time.
Is the SEOLab included?
Yes, at this stage, all our features are included with all our plans, giving you access to the SEOLab, among others, to run your own SEO experiments and evaluate their success.
I’m just starting out, is this app for me?
If you have a new website, it is important to start in a strategic way, and get guidance on how content should be created, structured, and presented. For new sites, we recommend our consulting service for the first 2-3 months so your SEO gets set up for success, after which you could then downgrade to a lower plan.
Will this app tell me what to do to grow my course?
The SEOLeverage machine-learning algorithms become more self-sufficient every week, starting to point you to problematic area (e. g. URLs that don’t drive conversions, analyzing which URLs that used to convert don’t get enough traffic) and will soon start making very specific suggestions around which keywords to focus on, and which content to create.
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