094 - What is Content Design?


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Before we can really appreciate Content Design, we need first to understand for what purpose we need it for. Content Design is necessary for discoverability of search users for their search intent. It is the primary intention why users are searching for something.  It could just be simple data they are looking for or maybe more complex information, but making your content visible and interesting for users to consume it depends on your Content Design.

Content design is a framework that considers the behavior of users interacting with your content. While jazzy designs, graphics and fonts are important, content design is more on understanding the users and their needs.

Podcast Highlights: 

00:00  Prologue

00:20  Podcast Intro

00:32  Introduction of the episode

00:46  Invitation to head over to SEOLeverage™️.com/podcast 

01:08  Why does content design matter and for what purpose do we need content design?

02:25  What are the three aspects of content design that can best find the answers to users' search queries? 

05:09  Why is Content Design one of the important leverage points that we see on established sites? 

05:45  End

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Have you ever started reading an article or other piece of digital content but are confused by the structure? If so, you've run into an example of poor content design. 

Content design is an important part of creating effective digital experiences for users. It's about designing every element of a piece to make it understandable, memorable, and engaging.

In this episode, Gert will share with you what content design is and what it entails.

Content Design Explained

Content design can be the key factor to unlocking success for websites that have been stagnant in traffic. So, what's it all about?

Content design involves many elements like layouts, images, and structures of texts and articles. These all combine together to engage readers effectively!

If you want your site's growth back on track, then delving into the content design is a must-have tactic on your checklist.

How to Create Effective Content Design

Do you feel like you still keep on trying, yet your digital content designs are still missing the mark? Well, here are four aspects of creating an effective content design.

1. Leverage search intent

Creating an effective content design begins with understanding the 'why' behind a user's search query - their intent. Conversely, Google will pick up the right signals that make sure that Google knows users are happy with your search result. 

Thinks of:

  • What do they expect to find?
  • How do they expect to find their answer presented?
  • How much effort do they expect to put into finding their answer?

Your goal should be to make it easy for Google users to find what they're looking for. To start this process off right away, type in the search query into Google and just check out the top five to ten results and analyze the following:

  • What do they have in common?
  • Are they all blog posts?
  • Are they all shopping categories or product pages?
  • Are they all long-form content or short summaries?

With this advice as your starting point, you'll be off to a great start!

2. Find the best way to answer the search query

For some searches, users are looking for relevant information: data sources, references, and expert opinions. However, there's also the type of query that requires only one basic answer or definition.

A simple table with just a figure provides all they need to satisfy their intent. It thus makes perfect sense to select a table format as the best way to provide the best answer.

Additionally, it's important to consider the user behind their search query to serve your audience best. Depending on what they're searching for and the level of industry experience, adjust the content complexity accordingly. Remember, simpler phrasing may be more effective than complex structures.

3. Make it easy to navigate

Creating engaging content is essential in this digital age. Gone are the days of reading an article from top to bottom.

Nowadays, readers prefer skimming and quickly identifying sections that pertain to them. As a writer, it's important you adapt your writing with this style of consumption in mind.

Providing users with easy ways to navigate through the page (such as bold styling and highlighting keywords) is essential. Plus, use visuals linked to closely related contexts so they know exactly where they should be looking for answers.

Ultimately these features will provide visitors swift access to what matters most!

4. Present everything in a user-friendly way

Make your content an engaging experience with shorter paragraphs, easy to read and explore. Keep readers interested with captivating headlines, introducing a bit of controversy into the narrative.

To sum up, make sure SEO knows you have all connections in place as they help boost visibility on Google!

The Takeaway

Content design is one of the most effective strategies for established websites that are struggling to maintain traffic. Refreshing articles and aligning them with search intent, a pleasing visual layout, and more can create major positive results. It's an excellent way to use the existing information on your site in order to increase leads and sales!

If you need help getting your website content up and running, book a call and get a free audit from SEOLeverage™️. It's time to see what potential lies ahead - all in just 30 minutes!

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