092 - Chat GPT and SEO


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Are you tired of spending hours creating content for your website or blog?

Look no further than Chat GPT, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence tool that can generate written content based on a simple prompt. 

In this episode, we'll explore the features of Chat GPT and how it can help streamline your content creation process.

From generating outlines for a book to coming up with catchy headlines, Chat GPT can do it all.

But it's important to note that while it is a powerful tool, it does have limitations and it may not always produce truthful content.

So, stay with us as we dive into the world of AI-generated content with Chat GPT.

Podcast Highlights: 

00:01 Prologue

1:36 How to get started with Chat GPT.

2:13 Chat GPT is a tool that can generate written content based on a prompt, or information that you input into a chat box

2:41 What is the role of AI in SEO?

3:48 Chat GPT is good at connecting concepts and generating natural-sounding text

5:17 Don’t use it to copy and paste and automate your content creation.

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Connect with Gert Mellak:

Email: [email protected]

ChatGPT and SEO

As the world of digital marketing grows, so do the tools and techniques for creating website articles. One of the newest trends gaining traction is called ChatGPT, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer.

In this episode, Gert shares the pros and cons of this tool as well as how to utilize it for better SEO results. Let’s start!

What is ChatGPT?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an increasingly powerful tool for businesses as they look to increase efficiency. ChatGPT is the latest AI software on the market with several new capabilities. This tool is based on Openai.com, the nonprofit backed by major tech giants like Elon Musk and Bing, with a $1 billion investment in 2022.

There are several pros to using ChatGPT, such as:

  • It’s free to use.
  • It’s good at connecting different concepts.
  • It can summarize text easily.
  • It can source information.
  • It has a search history.
  • It gives natural-sounding text.

To start with, you need the so-called prompt, which is the information you put into the chat box. Then, ChatGPT will do the rest, easily transforming your input into helpful written responses!

Here’s an example:

Disadvantages of Using ChatGPT

Despite its feature set, this tool does have some drawbacks that are worth considering, such as:

  • It’s limited and has no real-time knowledge.
  • It doesn’t search specifically for some information you ask it for.
  • It generates incorrect information.

Trust is the first factor to consider when signing up for this tool. It may predict the next word and sentence, as well as its natural sound. But the information could be wrong.

A manual human interference is what you need in the whole content creation process. Remember, you can’t just copy and paste everything and expect it to rank. You need to have a flow across the article that is compelling, engaging, and focused on content design. 

Can You Leverage ChatGPT for SEO?

As technology advances, so do the content you write.

ChatGPT covers not just writing and summarizing blog posts. It generates tons of ideas for SEO use, such as domain names, titles, meta descriptions, headings, and ad copy.

Artificial intelligence tools can be exciting but be warned to copy everything in your content creation. Google and other search engines can come up with ways to go against content if it’s too much AI for their taste. Just explore and play with it!


Nowadays, more innovative models are emerging that will improve chatbot-driven conversations and SEO results. If you desire to get the most out of your SEO, Gert and his team will assist you.
SEOLeverage™️ evaluates your website in a quick audit to determine exactly how best to boost your performance. Start your journey toward SEO success by using the right tools and techniques!

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