084 - Soft Conversions


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A conversion is heavily reliant on what are the user behaviors of people visiting your website. These user behaviors are your signals, however, if you are not tracking soft conversions before users act on what you actually want them to do, you are losing on a big chunk of data that can really convert. These data are different depending on the different projects a business has, e.g. ecommerce sites or lead generation sites. It is really important that you take into consideration these soft conversion indicators.

Podcast Highlights: 

00:01 Prologue

00:33 Introduction of the topic

00:52 What is the difference between conversions for different projects within an organization?

02:25 How do you define soft conversion for an ecommerce site and a lead generation site?

05:52 Invitation to head over to Seoleverage.com to schedule a free action step with Gert

06:30 End

Soft Conversions

Whenever you hear the term “conversion rate,” what comes to mind?

Most people think of website conversions, tracking how many people visit a particular page on your website and then taking action based on that information. However, another type of conversion is just as important: soft conversions.

So, what are soft conversions, and why should you care?

Keep reading to find out!

What is Soft Conversion?

When shopping online, adding items one by one can be tempting as soon as they come up in your search. But what if someone tracks your user behavior since you always add items to your cart?

This is where leading conversions or soft conversions come in.

Soft conversions occur when a lead doesn’t immediately buy from you but becomes more engaged with your brand. Often, these leads will end up buying from you down the road. 

Ecommerce Site vs Lead Generation Site Conversions

Unlike a hard conversion, which is a one-time event, soft conversions represent an ongoing relationship with a customer. And if you can convert more people into soft converts, you’ll be in good shape for long-term success.

So how do you go about converting visitors? 

Ecommerce Site

Generally, this happens when someone adds something into their cart but then proceeds onto other pages on the website. These include checking out the About us page or contact page before getting into the buying process.

Lead Generation Site

Unlike hard conversions, soft ones happen before the customer even signs up. The user’s journey might not always make sense, but some signals can help convert other customers into buyers on your email list.

For example, when a target audience clicks on PDFs or newsletter signups, even though they don’t give out their email address right away - as soon as that person starts scrolling through the article or reading about what’s in there anyway- then it will be counted as conversions.

Some Considerations When Converting Website Visitors

It’s not all about your online course at all. People might not opt-in for your lead magnet right away for many reasons. 

That’s why it’s best to take effective steps to increase soft conversions.

Update your website details

Everyone will not click the lead magnet if you’re selling an online course.

They could check who you are and what other companies have said about working with you. In short, they have a clear intent before getting a free ebook.

Besides that, make your customers happy in media outlets such as YouTube. Once you get people to hit the YouTube icon on his website, it’s the perfect result from SEO there. 

Track soft conversions

A soft conversion heavily depends on the user’s behavior

However, you might miss out on many potential customers if you’re not tracking soft conversions. These are the kind that happens before an actual sale and can sometimes lead to people converting later down the line, so they definitely need attention.

Wrap Up

If you’re looking for a great company to help track hard and soft conversions, head over to SEOLeverage™️. This team will go through your website together and define what could be a potential user path. But not only that, you will know what could be the next step to SEO success.

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