083 - Data Driven SEO


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When doing SEO strategies, you can base your decisions through the data that is available to you.  There is a lot of data that you can collect and you can work with, but one needs to be very careful in analyzing and segmenting the data correctly.  It is also important to cross-reference the data that is extracted from two data sources - Google Analytics and Google Search Console.  Both work differently, but they compliment each other.

Podcast Highlights: 

00:01 Prologue 

01:04 Introduction of the topic 

01:39 When compared to traditional marketing, what's the big advantage of digital marketing?

02:09 What do we mean by data-driven SEO?

03:15 When performing analytics, what kind of information can be extracted from Google Analytics and Google Search Console?

04:29 How does one correctly interpret the user behavior metrics using data-driven SEO strategies?

06:23 Ending CTA 

07:04 End


An app that will help you make the right decision for your SEO - 

Data-Driven SEO

There are a few discussions these days about “data-driven” marketing and its role in the success of small and large businesses. So what does it mean to have a “data-driven” strategy when it comes to SEO?

Nowadays, SEO no longer relies on tricks to get your website to the top of Google search results. In a nutshell, it means basing your SEO decisions on measurable data rather than hunches or guesswork.

What’s the big advantage of digital marketing?

Digital marketing has changed a lot in the last few years. With the data available, it’s easy to see that digital marketing is more effective than traditional methods

And of course, there’s not only the data collection but also making sense of it- that actually leads to today’s SEO. This involves data analysis and strategic thinking about how best to use this information for search engines.

Why should you care about data-driven SEO?

Any SEO strategy worth its salt these days is data-driven. According to Gert, data-driven means you base decisions on what the data tells you. The data very often tell you a story.

Of course, there’s always data to work with. You need to collect, analyze and then segment the data.

Tools for performing web analytics

There's a lot of data science behind the analysis.

Several tools and even resources are available to help you with performing analytics. The two most popular are Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

However, they both work quite differently. So this is where the SEOLeverage™️ app comes in.

Google Analytics

This tool can provide insights into organic traffic and user behavior.

From Google Analytics, it’s best to extract for SEO purposes where people come into the site and the organic landing pages. Once you have the organic landing pages, you can decide about the users and analyze the conversion.

Google Search Console

Other valuable tools include Google Search Console, which can help identify and fix issues with a website’s search appearance. Additionally, it shows what comes up in search, even before someone clicks on the result.

The importance of using data-driven SEO strategies

Generally, data-driven SEO strategies require understanding the user that’s actually coming in to interpret the user behavior metrics correctly. 

Here are the important steps to count in:

  • Decide which KPIs and SEO data you actually want to look at. 
  • Look at the search queries that drive people to certain URLs.
  • Start analyzing the user’s search intent behind those queries.
  • Focus on technical SEO and compete on the search engine results page.

For the last thing, data-driven SEO is much more efficient than other approaches. By basing your decisions on hard data, you can be sure you’re using your time, money, and resources in the most valuable way possible. 

Wrap Up

Do you ever feel like you’re throwing darts in the dark when it comes to your SEO strategy?

With data-driven SEO, you’ll be able to see your results from the changes you make on our site and experiment with different strategies. Plus, stay up-to-date by always having the next steps ready.

So why not make data the cornerstone of your SEO efforts? It’s a proven way to get better results in less time.

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