080 - Conversion Rate Optimization You Can Do Today with Kurt Philip


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In today’s episode of SEO Leverage Podcast, Gert will have a very informative conversation with the CRO guy, Kurt Philip of Convertica.co.  

Business owners with online businesses often do not focus on conversion because they think that they have a product or products that people are looking for already and do not need lead generation in order to convert. This kind of inattentiveness to conversion also transcends to their website, such that there is no real call to action or where might people get in touch with them. Sometimes, too, they are rigid in giving out the fastest way of communication which is an email address, by asking people to fill out a long crappy contact form. 

Well, even if you don’t fall into the level of 10,000 visitors a month or at least 3000 in lead generation, you can still do Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).  Just listen until the end for insights from both Gert and Kurt and towards the end, if you feel that you may need to contact anyone of them, their contact details are mentioned.  Enjoy!

Podcast Highlights: 

00:01 Prologue

01:06 Introduction of the guest, Kurt Philip

02:42 Kurt Philip's journey from SEO to CRO

04:18 How did Philip's former apprentice become a partner in the company?

05:36 When is the best time to consider engaging in a CRO agency?

07:29 What can be done to improve the conversion rate if client's do not get to the level of 10,000 visitors a month or at least 3000 in lead generation?

09:38 The problems with websites created using free templates and themes.

13:20 Why is CRO not in the minds of most online businesses and is not set up in their websites? (...and don't  even have tracking analytics software installed)

17:08 How do you go about lead magnets to start converting?

19:58 Which is the more feasible way in helping clients convert -  giving guarantees and refunds or continue testing until the goal is reached? 

21:30 How does Convertica strategize on testing ideas or brainstorm on a particular project for clients?

23:31 What are the characteristics of a good lead magnet and will prompt people to  readily give their email addresses?

29:04 If you are offering different services, what is a good way to communicate each of your offers so that people don't get confused?

29:49 Gert gave a recap of the topics discussed. 

31:21 Where to connect with Kurt Philip?

31:49 End


All-In-One Marketing Automation Platform - https://bentonow.com/
Performance Evaluation Review software - https://www.sigmetrics.org/

Conversion Rate Optimization You Can Do Today

Many business owners always look for ways to increase sales and grow their business. But, most of them make the mistake of thinking that they don’t need to worry about conversion rate optimization (CRO).

By implementing conversion rate optimization, you can:

  • Optimize your website for conversions and watch your business take off
  • Increase leads, sales, and profits with little effort
  • Improve user experience on your website

Let’s go over this informative conversation between Kurt Philips of Convertica.co and Gert Mellak.

When to Consider Engaging in a CRO Agency

Do you want to improve your conversion rates and find new customers but don’t know where or how? The right agency can help.

Here are just a few situations when it might be time to consider engaging a CRO agency:

When your conversion rate is low

A low conversion rate can be frustrating, especially if you feel like you’re doing everything right. According to Kurt, having 10,000 visitors per month is ideal. They can run two monthly tests and compound the results within six months.

When you’re not sure where to start

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or don’t know where to start, working with a CRO agency can help you start on the right foot. Kurt advised that if you’re a lead gen website, you can go as low as 3 or 5000 per month.

Generally, to get better results, you’ll need to run tests for 6-10.

How to Increase Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the percent of visitors to your site who take action, such as making more purchases, signing up for a newsletter, or filling out a contact form.

If you’re not happy with your conversion rate, there are two simple ways you can take to increase it.

Put reviews on the right spot on your website

Why do most website developers place reviews right at the website’s footer?

Maybe it’s a WordPress template. Or, perhaps these developers have no idea about marketing and sales.

But the truth is, this is not a good idea since no one ever sees the reviews. It’s not also cramming 20 reviews on a revolving slider on the homepage. Generally, what you need is to pick one or two excellent reviews that communicate your product

Create a strong and appealing call to action

You may have already noticed that most websites lack a clear call to action, which is almost impossible for visitors who don’t know what they’re looking at or how the site works.

Just very simple ways to get it started:

  • Make it very clear what your offer is
  • Make it very easy for people to complete the goal that you want them to complete.

That’s it. Don’t over complicate a bit too much on what you offer.

The problems with websites created using cheap or free templates and themes

Just like any other, a first impression is essential. When it comes to your website, this is especially true.

Unfortunately, many businesses cut corners using cheap or free website templates and themes. But as a result, you will have a crappy website that’s not conversion-optimized, and worst, not SEO optimized.

Here are the two common problems:

  1. First, you can upload your content. This will make it no longer look good.
  2. Second, you can remove a few components because you don’t have so much traffic.

Why do most online businesses not consider implementing CRO?

You may have heard of CRO (conversion rate optimization) but have not considered implementing it because you’re unsure what it is or whether it’s worth the effort.

So why is CRO not in the minds of most online businesses?

The answer is usually twofold: they either don’t know about it or don’t know how to do conversion tracking.

Take advantage of the tracking software available

There are a lot of businesses that are not aware of the importance of conversion tracking software. One of the software available is what Kurt mentioned, and it’s called Bento

This software will allow you to identify precisely how much each client is worth when signing up and what traffic source. Additionally, this tracking software creates an avatar profile about that client and whether they come in on their mobile device.

Do lead magnets convert?

People spend more time and energy making their lead magnet relevant for its target niche. But when switching up what they offer, like with an ebook or something entirely different from the actual article, conversions skyrocket.

If you change it to a lead magnet that starts to convert, you don’t really need to split test it. Kurt believes that there’s not enough data for them to conduct split tests or manual tracking systems because the truth is, you can’t track everything.

How to achieve success in lead magnets

The email list is where it starts. So, here’s how they perform the steps to achieve greater success:

  • Do a full-on audit for every site
  • Schedule them on call
  • Send them an email sequence that then goes to them to warm them up. 
  • Once you get their email, that’s the start of building that relationship with them
  • Lastly, show your true value by giving them five to 10 emails of value before one email of sale. 

Should you give guarantees and refunds or continue testing until the goal is reached? 

Most businesses want to see a guaranteed return on their investment before they invest in conversion rate optimization (CRO). However, it’s vital to remember that no one can give guarantees when it comes to conversion rates. 

Any CRO expert can best talk about their experience and what they believe may be possible. Gert may call this a goal for the campaign link

The bottom line is that you can’t give guarantees regarding CRO. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. If you don’t have a better conversion rate, there’s always room for improvement; you keep testing.

How does Convertica come up with testing ideas?

When it comes to conversion rate optimization, testing is essential. However, coming up with testing ideas can sometimes be a challenge.

Convert has the Strategy Department, which consists of about five people. But as client 100 arrived on their doorstep with requests for help and input - mostly creative brainstorming sessions from here.

It’s better to keep an eye on the effectiveness of your campaigns. By tracking per catch rate, they can see that when their team used what had been successful in previous winning operations, it was much more efficient than coming up with new ideas every day.

What are the characteristics of a good lead magnet?

A good lead magnet should be something conversion-focused businesses use to increase the number of leads they generate. However, with so many different types of lead magnets out there, it can be hard to know which one is better for your business.

Here are some characteristics of an effective lead magnet:

  • It should offer high perceived value. Your lead magnet should be something that they will find useful and helpful.
  • It should communicate. If you enter your email, you want to learn how to sell that ebook. It’s like it’s worth a lot before you try to advertise that lead magnet.
  • It should be relevant. Your lead magnet should be something that appeals to the people you are trying to reach. It should be known as the next logical step for them.
  • It should be clickable. Push them in a direction that heads towards that conversion without any confusion. It’s something that many businesses should do to get a much better conversion rate just by giving the user one thing to click Next. Then, purchase your product rather than having them try and navigate around your website.

Wrap Up

To sum it up, trust and authority are probably the most important thing people can fix on their site. This is to make sure that visitors get a sense that they are trustworthy.

If you’re not attentive to your conversion rate optimization, you could be missing out on easy sales. Conversion rate optimization doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive – there are plenty of things you can do now to improve your conversion rate.

Generally, give it a focus, keep it basic, and the conversion rates will all go up from there. 

Connect with Kurt Philip:

Website - https://convertica.co/

Connect with Gert Mellak:

Email: [email protected]

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