046 - Make Better Videos with This Framework - with Kan Huang


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Creating engaging video content for social media is a very good marketing tool business owners are incorporating to their marketing strategies these days. It’s an effective form of marketing strategy that can lead and convert people to become ideal clients. It sets you apart from your competitors, in that you create an authority figure to yourself and business, and more importantly, you are able to build that trust relationship between your audience.  When consumers see your video, you become top of the mind and your brand sticks with them. However, creating videos is not just hit record and talk. There is a framework you must follow to ensure success of the video you created. 

Podcast Highlights:

00:01 Prologue

00:41 SEO Leverage Intro 

00:51 Welcoming Kan Huang to the show

01:56 Kan Huang's background and how he ended up in video production.  

02:59 The growth of video and its consumption through different platforms, especially on YouTube. 

04:42 What kind of industries or niches have a big use for producing content through videos?

05:38 The four steps to a Buyer's journey.

1. Problem unaware

2. Problem away

3. Solution aware

4. Brand aware

07:01 Should videos be created for each stage of the Buyer's Journey?

07:53 Before videos became popular, what strategies were used by businesses to answer their client's Problem Unaware?

10:19 The similarities of Video and SEO in the perspective of 'Search', that creates authority and establishes a trusted figure.

11:36 Aside from trust building, what other purposes does a video cover?

14:49 At what stage should a business owner look into outsourcing of the video production process or at least some parts of it, and what are the benefits of outsourcing?

17:11 The script formula or framework when creating a video content called HILDA - Hook, Introduction, Lead, Deliver, Ask.

23:03 How important is storytelling and when should we tie it to a video? (... The formula to use in storytelling - character, desire, conflict outcome.)

26:49 Three things people do not pay attention to, when creating content through 


29:23 Recap

31:48 Two parting advice from Kan Huang with regards to the right equipment and in the consistency of producing videos.

33:52 End


The ERICA SEO Framework:

Frameworks and Formulas for Better Videos for Your Business

Video is most effective when used as part of a marketing plan targeting potential buyers. In a way, it is used as a backup to a key target in many industries.

But, competition is intense than ever before in response to demand in the marketing world. So, how could you compete with hundreds of hours of a video published to any platform every minute?

Gert Mellak and Kan Huang shared ideas on how to make better videos with frameworks and formulas.

Why should you create videos?

Videos are everywhere, and the largest audience for your videos is on YouTube. Count as well your website that converts traffic and leads.

According to Gert Mellak, video isn't only a top priority to push out a weekly YouTube video and get better there. The video is definitely here to stay.

So, would you agree? If yes, then you can count on us!

According to Kan Huang, here are some reasons why you need to create videos for your business.

Video has a high barrier of entry

Each year, video content is at the top of the key marketing lists. However, most businesses have yet to make it a mainstream marketing approach.

Everyone realizes how challenging it is to be creative. This is particularly when making a marketing video.

It's easy to get over the barrier as for the video. You have the topic, script, and pieces of equipment. You can easily film it, then edit, and distribute it. Your aim should be the primary motivation for developing content. Otherwise, your video marketing efforts will not be as effective as they could be.

Video is a powerful storytelling channel that can help you drive deeper. Furthermore, you can build more positive interactions between your brand and its audience. Not only that, it can serve as a jumping-off point for your business' promotional campaigns and content efforts. That's why every business should be using it.

YouTube and Google apply the same concepts for websites and video ranking

Do you want to increase the number of visitors to your website? How can you raise brand awareness?

In YouTube ranking, you can use search engine optimization through the process. The goal is to provide a great experience for the user. So, YouTube video search results have been merged with Google search results to make things easier. You may market your business on YouTube in a simple approach by combining your SEO and video strategy.

Video SEO can provide many advantages, including greater view time, increased brand exposure, and more sales and leads. It will also help you with things like YouTube remarketing in the future.

Understand the buyer's journey

Through video, you understand what the buyer's wants and needs are. You can simplify it into four steps through the journey.

  • Problem unaware - don't know what the problem is
  • Problem aware - know they have it, looking for ways on how to solve it
  • People who are solution aware - don't know where to get the solution
  • Brand aware - you know who solves the problem but haven't decided yet

So, if you're already generating videos but aren't getting views or decent watch time, apply the four steps to understand the buyers' journey.

What should be the purpose of a video?

Businesses can now create and share high-quality video content more easily than before. If video isn't part of your content strategy, you should consider trying out a few initiatives. 

So, what's the deal with internet video? Because good videos should have the purpose of:


As one of the video creators, how would you set yourself apart from competitors? How would you create high-quality videos that can stand you out from the crowd?

It's becoming increasingly tough to stand out as a brand and capture your client's attention in the face of so much competitive content. To call today's corporate culture "competition," regardless of your industry, is an eye-opener.

Generate traffic and revenue. It's no longer enough to construct a business website and share some content on social media. To get, engage, and keep more customers, you'll need to put in the effort to develop a solid content strategy. Video can be a terrific method to differentiate your company from the competition and go viral in such a case.

Your video doesn't need to be the finest ever. It doesn't have to be the week's most popular viral video. It only needs to clearly express your message to your target market in a matter of minutes.

Stay top of mind

How would you be consistent and stay at the top of the mind of your users?

As an example, Coca-cola remains at the top of their competitors' dues to some strategies. They have continued advertising + marketing and creating videos up until now. Through that, it gives people a constant reminder that they are still around.

Today, rather than Yahoo or Bing, YouTube is the second most popular search engine behind Google. Make a YouTube channel for your company and upload videos to it regularly. Remember to share your content on other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., to get the most exposure and engagement.

Once you've gotten people to watch your video, maximize its effectiveness on conversions. All it needs is proper optimization with a conversion emphasis. A single-great video works best as a strategy for converting viewers into customers.

Be efficient and productive tools

Videos are efficient and productive tools you can use for your marketing and SEO. 

Everyone knows that people prefer to watch a video rather than read a lengthy blog article. Consider developing many videos with different goals.

Your target audience enjoys watching videos on a wide range of topics. This includes how-tos, reviews, and instructional videos. You can also use FAQs or call-to-action that will guide user's questions in real-time.

It's a complete process to get a meaningful return on investment for the video that works. You might not realize it, but video can help you rank higher on Google.

5-Step framework to create videos that your viewers will love

To engage people and increase watch time on YouTube, create a video framework. Kan Huang cited a to-follow formula called "HILDA".


Have you ever been about to begin a video and found yourself fumbling over your first few words?

You're not alone, to be sure. The beginning of any video presentation is always the most difficult. 

Your audience is counting on you to capture their interest quickly. Begin with a hook that grabs people's attention and lets them pause scrolling to watch your video. You can look for a video tutorial to understand the process.

A hook is just something interesting that occurs at the start of your video to lure people in. You don't necessarily spend on worthy advertising to pique people's curiosity. Many successful videos have used one of the approaches listed below.

  • Picking out the juiciest part after you recorded it. 
  • Mic-drop moment
  • Use a strong but precise hook. The What-ifs.
  • Start with a problem and offer a solution
  • Surprise them. Create a shock factor, no idea what they just watched but want to know more.
  • Hint a story.


Remember to introduce yourself! Talk about why you are worth paying attention to just a few sentences.

What do you excel at, or what sets you apart from others in your field?

Add two or three facts about yourself or your company. This is where you can discuss your hobbies or previous experiences.

If you're a video editor or a host, you can tell them the truth. If you're talking about your company, you could say how long you've been in business or if you have a specialty.

It starts to form a picture of you as a person or allows viewers to get a sense of the spirit of your company. These features help you stand out from the crowd— or other videos competing for viewers' attention. Thus, it allows your audience to get a sense of who you are.


The third step could be building anticipation for your customers. Giving them a taste of life through your product is a terrific method to persuade them to buy.

Consider this as an example: They said they tried all the diets and pills for weight loss, but it's now rocking. So you tell them that it's not your fault, and tell them what does. You can give them the curiosity to let them acknowledge your products and services offered.

The primary issue that most individuals have is figuring out how to do it properly. But don't worry, let your imagination and your passion drive users.

Deliver the goods

The fourth step will be giving users the actual advice they deserve. This is the core of the video and the longest segment. So make sure it's tight and fulfills the promise you made in the thumbnail and hook. 

Giving the audience a variety of options, on the other hand, let them choose their own course forward. Some advice is more effective than others. Include more information if another piece of advice isn't backed by research.


Finally, you propose another video or ask viewers for feedback. A call to action is important.

Tell them to like, subscribe and share your YouTube channel. This is to aid viewers in discovering your other videos.

As such, you should feature your other video on the conclusion screen. In this manner, you'll be able to construct a tight video and boost your chances of success.

How storytelling plays an important role in video creation

It's more vital than ever to make an emotional connection with potential customers. So, the best way is through storytelling in your videos.

This isn't exactly a new trend. Ever since people have communicated, storytelling has played a vital role in interacting. These can make people feel something. 

According to Kan Huang, they've used a formula to create a story in their video. As such, it is the following:

  • Character
  • Desire
  • Conflict
  • Outcome

Sharing stories has always been a method for people to connect and identify with one another. When done right, storytelling appeals not only to existing customers but turns new customers. This is far more efficient to make better videos.

Three main things people don't pay attention to when creating a video

Videos are great for increasing traffic and sales. So, when done correctly, it establishes trust and strengthens your brand. When done incorrectly, it can alienate customers, resulting in brand damage.

Here are some things most people don't pay attention to when creating business videos.


If you fail to plan your video for your business, you forget your first step toward success.

Pre-production is equally vital for non-scripted work as it is for scripted work.

You'll write or evaluate the script in pre-production and make any necessary modifications.

Then you'll choose your cast, look for venues, and develop production and post-production plans.

Even if you don't have a script, you must determine what message or tale you want to impart to your audience. Attention span is getting shorter and shorter. So, get to the point quickly and make a quick promise in your video presentation.

Don't ignore this step. All will happen in the preparation process.


You may have heard that the first impression is the most important. When people visit YouTube, the first thing they see is usually a thumbnail. It can make all the difference.

That image might entice users to click or scroll down to the next item on the list. They also create excitement for what's within. 

A compelling thumbnail entices you to view the video. A poor thumbnail, or none at all, does not provide a good first impression.

Do you want to learn how to create eye-catching thumbnails that will enhance your viewership?

All you need is a great imagination and creativity in the video editing process.

Using the video for the right purpose

Is there a point to your video? How long should your video be to engage customers?

Make your top-of-funnel videos as brief as possible—think seconds, not minutes. Visitors and uninterested prospects are unlikely to devote much time to your business.

Most videos should be under two minutes long. However, the ideal video duration varies based on where you distribute it. Or the perfect video duration is whatever the audience is willing to see. Because no social media platforms are the same, no video lengths are alike.

For example, if your video is for a podcast episode or YouTube channel, you can make longer videos. If you use Facebook or Instagram, a shorter video may be valuable for customers to let them engage in a short time.

List of video production equipment to use

The best video wins in today's highly competitive video-focused world!

Investing in high-quality video production equipment is also a sure-fire way to improve your films. If you have only a desirable budget, you can use what you have right now.

Here is the equipment you may use to make professional videos:

  • Camera - You'll need a good camera if you want good video quality. However, according to the expert, it's not about the camera itself but the person behind the camera. 
  • Microphone - Audio is more important than video. Avoid background noise when making videos.
  • Tripod - How to video without needing some help? This is the answer!
  • Lighting - Do what's necessary. Please don't make your video lighting distracting to see.
  • Editing/production software
  • Video editing hardware
  • Mobile phones are fine. It will do the audio-video recording.

Consistency is the key!

You have obligations to your family. You might have a full-time job.

So how can you maintain your consistency in producing better videos? Can you be consistent in video editing?

It takes a lot of effort and time to produce the winning content for your business. But if you have the guts and passion for succeeding, then no worries.

With the appropriate strategy, almost every company can tap into its great potential to tell compelling stories. Furthermore, motivate people to take action.

Connect with Kan Huang:

Website: https://socialwave.com.au/

Email: [email protected]

Connect with Gert Mellak:
Email: [email protected]

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