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Looking into our competitors’ websites does not mean we are going to copy what’s working for them, but more of analyzing what they have been doing. It’s called competitive research and included in it is to look for their weak points, as well. From the information you have gathered, you can come up with a game plan, and leverage it for better processes and strategies. 

Podcast Highlights:

00:00 Prologue

01:02 Introduction of the Topic

01:48 What is the VIP 20 and why is it important to do competitive research based on this?

02:18 What is the process of competitive research? (…What are some of the steps to follow?)

04:33 Why is it important to actively search for weak points on a competitor’s website? (…And what are those weak points?)

07:34 An action step that Gert advises you to do in Google.

08:48 End

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