026 - Generating Leads with the Right Messaging with Tom Poland


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In order to generate leads to your offer, you need to have the right messaging medium that will cater to the three categories of audiences - the wanderers, the seekers, and the explorers. Your message should be able to catch the attention in order that it can be embedded in the reticular activating system of a person's brain. Tom Poland, our guest in today's episode of the SEOLeverage™️ podcast, will share his favorite medium to lead people to his offer and that is through webinars. Tom is the multiple best-selling authors of the Leadsology® series and has a proven system to generate high-quality leads for your business.

Podcast Highlights:

00:00 Introduction of the Guest 

01:22 Tom Poland's background and how he started doing webinars?

05:08 What are the three characteristics of your messaging that will catch the attention of your audience?

09:21 In some businesses, messaging does not need numbers.

11:19 How to focus your messaging to the three category types of audiences? 

15:24 Understanding how lead magnets work and how people will take the offer and give their commitment to it.

25:10 Why does Tom choose a webinar as his lead magnet?

28:39 What does it take for a person to opt in for a lead gen?

31:23 Recap

35:39 Where to learn about the leadsology program of Tom Poland?

36:17 End

Connect with Tom Poland:

Website:  https://www.leadsology.guru/

Attend his live webinars - leadgendemo.live which will bring you to



Tom Poland’s books:


Leadsology: The Science of Being in Demand by Tom Poland

Marketing with Webinars

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