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I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Behind every great man is a great woman.” Well, we’ll have to amend that to read “behind every successful business is a team of amazing people.”

Let’s face it, nobody can run a successful business on their own. Nobody can do everything on their own and still provide an outstanding service.

In today’s episode, Gert talks about the importance of having a solid team to get the job done.

Podcast Highlights:

00:00  Prologue

00:40 Introduction of the topic

00:58 Why do you need people dedicating resources on a regular basis?

01:52 Who is the person responsible for leading a project?

02:53 The importance of task delegation even if you know how to do it

03:16 What is the website Tunedwp.com and why Gert recommends it

05:20 Summary of the topic

06:37 End