012 - The Myth About Evergreen Content


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When we say myth, it is a widely held but false belief of idea. This can be said about the “Evergreen Content” because it is an idea that does not work anymore. It is impossible to not to go back to the content you have published some time back and not update it. Especially with the fast technology and the rise of users of mobile phones, you have to stay updated with user experience, otherwise your content will be outdated. 

Podcast Highlights: 

00:00 Prologue

01:08  Introduction of the podcast topic

01:33  What is the myth about “evergreen content”?

03:13  The reasons why the evergreen concept does not work anymore or does not really exist?

04:31  Since the evergreen concept does not work anymore, what can you do for content optimization?

07:50  How can the ERICA framework help in your content optimization momentum?

08:44  End


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