006 - Which SEO Service Is Right For You?


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Want to know what's the right SEO service for you? Continue listening as Gert Mellak explains the different types of SEO you might need for your business and how it can definitely help your business reach its maximum potential.

Podcast Highlights:

01:27 - New website or just starting with SEO

02:15 - Target Research

03:49 - Deep Dive Audit

03:53 - Extensive Keyword research & Link Audit

04:22 - List of Action Steps

05:00 - Importance of Google image search

06:04 - Solid Foundation

06:24 - ERICA Consulting

06:55 - Importance of Action Steps

07:15 - Link Building

07:44 - Why is In-house Link Building Hard?

08:12 - Find a Trusted Partner in Link Building

08:52 - Let's Wrap This Up!

09:51 - You Need External Help!

10:38 - Don't Purchase Your Links Yourself!

10:54 - You Definitely Want Professional Help

11:51 - End

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How we approach SEO

Recently, our founder Gert Mellak, has published a book about our approach “ERICA” that guarantees consistent, strategic execution to improve your site’s SEO and protect your website from Google updates and penalties.