What is a Holistic SEO Strategy? With Karin Conroy

SEO can be a confusing subject for many people. What is it? What are the pros? And most importantly, how do you ensure you’re using the best possible SEO strategy?

These are questions that businesses and individuals get asked all the time. That’s why understanding a holistic SEO strategy is so important.

Let’s discover the exciting world of holistic SEO strategies and how to make Google work for you! With Karin Conroy from Counsel Cast.

The Evolution of Digital Marketing

Are you curious how far digital marketing has come in the past decade?

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, from AI campaigns to interactive content. User behavior and expectations have also significantly changed in the last 10-15 years. People have less time and attention span and are increasingly mobile.

According to Gert, businesses must recognize shifts to make both Google and users happy.

Nowadays, users expect more visuals and images rather than just text. They want to be able to skim information and consume it on the go. Additionally, audio summaries, transcription, and subtitles are now needed for short-form videos.

How to Make a Podcast Episode More Searchable

Making a podcast episode searchable can increase its reach and popularity. How do you ensure your episode reaches the right people?

Podcasts are a form of blog post with a structure to follow to make it more engaging. Here are some components to add to increase your SEO performance:

  • Audio and video recordings
  • Titles, players, show notes, and transcriptions
  • Table of contents
  • Key takeaways
  • Links to videos
  • Internal links
  • Visualizations
  • Bolded text

Never underestimate the power of content design in increasing your podcast’s visibility.

So, why is content design and structure important?

Content design and structure refer to how your content is laid out on the page. These aspects are integral to how your audience interacts with your materials. Accordingly, Gert cited that structured content could increase website performance by 20-30%.

Content should be refreshed, rewritten, and designed to deliver user value. Redundancies, fluff, and low-value content should be removed to ensure only relevant traffic is brought in. Moving forward, relevant content will be emphasized.

The Conversion Perspective on SEO

Understanding the focus and goal of SEO is key to developing a holistic and traditional SEO strategy. Clients should understand that traffic numbers are vanity metrics. As such, they need to dive deeper into what effective traffic consists of.

In the initial stage, all available channels should be assessed, including YouTube, paying Google Ads, email marketing and social media. These channels can provide valuable insights into SEO, Google Adwords, and Content Marketing.

Talking with an SEO specialist can help clients create a roadmap to achieve their KPIs. Additionally, leveraging competitors’ rankings is important for staying ahead of the game regarding SEO.

What are Your Competitors Doing and How Do You Apply It?

In fast-paced trends, staying ahead of the competition is crucial for success. To achieve this, it is vital to keep a keen eye on what your competitors are doing and identify the strategies. This not only helps you to stay relevant and innovative but also to grow and thrive in your industry.

Google search engine results pages can reveal why competitors rank higher than you. Some reasons for their ranking can include authority due to link building and using relevant keywords. Connecting the dots is also essential. Remember, good content should be clear and relevant.

Tools can be used to compare a website with its competitors, allowing for gap-bridging. In addition, combining different online marketing channels can create more holistic results.

Types of SEO and How to Use Them

SEO plays a vital role in enhancing the visibility of your website in the digital space. To begin tuning your website’s SEO, consider the core aspects: technical SEO, content SEO, and local SEO.

For local businesses, local SEO strategies should be used in your area and specialty. An important part of the plan is an in-depth website review from a technical and user experience perspective. You can also do keyword research to include identifying gaps between competitors.

A holistic approach to an SEO strategy is also recommended, including considering tools for testing keywords. An SEO audit can help to identify areas for improvement across the website. 

Additionally, an effective strategy should involve multiple channels, such as organic, search results, Google Ads, and social media.

How to Leverage Change in Your Industry

Change is constant. Everything changes over time, so there will always be gaps in strategy. Thus requiring consistent adjustments is great to stay ahead of the competition.

An effective strategy is conversing with people at the table to understand math and target audience trends better. Hosting issues, website optimization for mobile use, site speed, and other variables must be monitored to ensure success.

One of the things to stay on top is through resources. A book titled “Work Less Make More” by James Schramko is a comprehensive guide to running a successful business.

Here’s why Gert recommended this book:

  • The book’s title promotes working less to have a better work-life balance.
  • This method includes leveraging marketing, building teams, and creating systems that will operate without the owner’s input.
  • Strategies are outlined for improving profit margins and selling a business that can thrive in its absence.
  • Time management is also explored as a way of blocking off space for planning and achieving long-term goals.

SEO Tip that Works

The importance of one-on-one contact is essential for any business to succeed. James Schramko’s approach of focusing on individual relationships and understanding their goals has been successful. 

By providing your website owners personalized loom videos, you can also increase visibility.

SEOLeverage™️ has also developed a similar strategy of emphasizing one-on-one conversations. This is to form a deeper connection with the client.

Remember, investing time in forming personal connections is key to long-term client success.

Ask Help from Experts

A holistic SEO approach requires the willingness to improve your existing SEO practices. Most importantly, however, it enables you to be flexible and ready to take advantage of new trends.

However, don’t go it alone. Taking advantage of help from those who know the changes of search engine optimization SEO inside and out will serve you in the long term.

When you need an extra set of eyes to rank in search engines, ask for help from experts like SEOLeverage™️!

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