What Does a Dream SEO Team Look Like? with James Schramko

Most businesses rapidly realize that successful SEO necessitates a team of experts – each with their field of competence – working with each other to boost organic search exposure. However, putting together an SEO team is sometimes easier said than done.

So, from optimization to linking building and content production, how will you handle it all?

If you’re having a problem putting it all together with the strongest SEO team for your business, keep listen to James Schramko podcast from Superfastbusiness and reading for ideas and best practices based on my own experiences.

The Building Blocks of SEO Team 

An SEO team typically comprises 2-5 team members in terms of talent. Each brings a unique and different set of skills to the table, and the appropriate people can help propel your SEO program forward.

I’ll go through who makes up an SEO team structure, what they do, and how they might best collaborate.

SEO Executive

SEO executives are at the top of the hierarchy, and they serve as an expert of all organic search efforts and project management. So if you think you can, then count yourself in.

First, you assist businesses in improving their websites and attracting more visitors. Aside from that, analyzing competitors’ SEO, creating data using Google Analytics, and supporting the creation of quality content are all part of the job description for SEO. You may also need to conduct keyword research and stay current on Google algorithm adjustments and improvements in search engine marketing. 

Key Skills

  • As an SEO Executive, you must have an analytical approach for your SEO team and effort.
  • Technical skills are also essential. Therefore being up to date on the newest developments in the business is vital.
  • Communication skills, which is you will gain a deeper understanding of your client’s needs if you communicate effectively.
  • Additionally, being active in social media and having a strong internet-based presence as an SEO Executive. 

SEO Manager

For any organization that wants to be noticed on the internet, search engine optimization (SEO) has become necessary. An SEO Manager possesses a long list of industry-recognized abilities. Understanding, communicating, and implementing organic search efforts are the major responsibilities.

Your entire universe will spin around web pages and all of the terms that entice people to click on a link. As a manager in your SEO team, you’ll be in charge of conducting SEO research to assist the digital marketing team in running successful campaigns and optimizing the website, social media pages, and other content efforts. 

Key Skills

  • Similar to an executive in an SEO team structure, an SEO manager must have an analytical mindset. SEO managers must track, evaluate, and report on key KPIs and success measures Using data analysis.
  • From a strategic perspective, designing a strategy to connect technical SEO efforts with long-term business objectives is critical to the core functionality.
  • A thorough understanding of numerous analytical, project management, and keyword tracking tools, as well as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and crawlers, are a requirement.
  • Getting a Glimpse of Best Practice Techniques: Standard and contemporary SEO practices are unquestionably necessary.
  • A comprehensive understanding of on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and content marketing approaches aids in the development of more effective strategies. 

SEO Team Members

The SEO team is made up of several positions, each responsible for a different area of expertise. But keep in mind that even with a small group, you can achieve remarkable achievements.

SEO Analyst

SEO analysts are professionals who know how to show your website to major search engines. They analyze the plethora of data given through analytical tools to prepare your website for indexing and optimize its rankings. They then make findings, create improved suggestions, and put those ideas into action. 

Technical Lead

A technical lead is a specialist who manages an SEO team of technical employees. They frequently lead software development or software engineering teams and address technical difficulties related to software development, engineering activities, and product launches.

Outreach Specialist/Link Building

These are similar in that they strive to promote content and gain links for technical SEO. As a result, you’ll need someone on your team who can:

  • Link prospecting
  • Outreach to bloggers
  • Campaigns to promote infographics
  • Link building with unlinked mention 

Data Scientist

A data scientist uses large data to detect or forecast patterns and trends to create accurate data-driven conclusions. For example, millions of data points are generated by SEO, and a data scientist can interpret that data and give it context. 

Content Manager / Writer

In terms of branding, blog posts, titles and descriptions, content is essential for developing SEO and content marketing strategies. But, remember, creating it isn’t a one-time task for which you can engage a few people to produce a set of blog entries that will fit into your website and dominate the search results. Instead, it’s a crucial duty to play when comprehending the heart of any business line of clients that writers must know what SEO service deals with.

Three Ways to Structure an SEO Team for Your Startup Business

You may be a new business, or you may have never invested in SEO previously. However, because you need to focus on links, on-page SEO, and social media, and you may not have a limitless budget at this point, you’ll be better off working with agencies or contractors.

SEO Agencies

These are costly, but they will also give you greater freedom on SEO tactics. When you engage with an agency, you receive access to the knowledge and experience they’ve garnered by engaging with firms similar to yours. If you’re not using the time or expertise to discover and handle contractors, or if you don’t have the expertise to fulfil the SEO responsibility on your own, hiring a firm is a good option. 


Working with them is less expensive than working with agencies. They also provide you with more control over what is done with your SEO campaigns. However, each agency has its unique SEO strategy. You can be stuck paying a contract for work that doesn’t move the needle for you if you hire one that talks a big game but doesn’t know what they’re doing. 

Moving in Your SEO In-House

Taking to the next level your SEO team in-house as your industry expands makes good sense. It’s a perfect combination to have an agency involved and an in-house SEO to manage all the tactics in your company efforts and increase organic traffic. In addition, companies are increasingly interested in learning how to establish their in-house SEO expertise as they understand the importance of strong search engine rankings for their businesses. 

How much does it cost to create an SEO team?

First and foremost, you must establish a budget for your SEO team. When you understand the responsibilities that SEO plays, let’s look at some expenses to determine whether it fits your budget. Remember that every SEO hiring will necessitate the provision of tools and training for them to be effective. 

Considering the Size of Your Ideal SEO Team 

The method you cover each of these jobs and the size of your company will determine the cost. However, integrating your SEO might be a smart move for your business, so now that you know what jobs are required, you’re one step towards making it work.

You probably know how vital search engine optimization is if you have a website of any size. Whether you opt to fill all of the SEO roles or only a few, you’ll still need to justify the cost of your SEO staff. You’ll need to create a budget and a specific objective to work toward. After you’ve hired your team and started formulating a strategy, don’t forget about the following two parts of SEO: coaching and tools

SEO Team Tips For Success

A group with whom you can have a good time while working hard. Isn’t it what we all aim to achieve at the end of the day?

Follow the six tips to create happy and successful SEO teams that will deliver excellent results for your clients while also being loyal to your organization.

Keep your team informed about what’s happening so they feel like they’re a part of something big.

As the phrase goes, it takes a team to make a dream come true. Nonetheless, each individual must feel included, respected, and a part of a group.

Start it with your team, and let communication be at the top of everything. Let your SEO team understand if you obtain some significant accounts, draft reviews, and assist with small business proposals. If your traffic loses, tell them why and look for an effective plan so you can figure out what you’ll do to improve or fix the problem with the management team. 

Make an environment where people are always learning about SEO matters. 

Encourage employees in your SEO team to improve their abilities regularly to improve their morale, career advancement, and even teamwork. In addition, it demonstrates your value to employees when you provide opportunities for them to learn and grow.

Here are ways you can improve and keep your SEO team well-learned.

  • Make training an integral part of your company’s culture.
  • Provide employees with easy access to the training materials about content, link building process, or another SEO strategy.
  • Increase the enjoyment of learning
  • People and corporations both benefit from growth. 

Employ helpful SEO tools

SEO is a dynamic field. Bring in technical SEO tools to help you fix some of your issues and keep your employees updated on the latest technologies.


As having SEO teams, Ahrefs is a tool we couldn’t live without. First, examine the top-ranked pages’ SEO analytics and ranking history. Then, explore the SERPs to see why some pages are ranked in the order they are. Also, utilize it for everything from keyword research to competitor analysis, success tracking, and even link building.

Screaming frog

The SEO Spider is a powerful and effective site crawler that can quickly crawl either large and small sites while enabling you to analyze the results in real-time. In addition, it collects important onsite data to help SEOs make important judgments. 


BuzzStream automates the process, provides reports on response rates and helps your website track our email sequence’s open rate. As a result, you can test, measure, and optimize every aspect of the outreach process.

Yoast SEO 

A WordPress plugin called Yoast SEO is the third tool you can use for your SEO efforts. Yoast SEO allows you to optimize your title tags and meta descriptions, among other things. This might make or break your SEO efforts in a competitive business.

As an example, once your blog article hits the first page of Google, this is vital to increasing click-through rates. The higher your click-through rate, the higher you will be ranked by Google. 

Cross-train with internal SEO teams such as Paid Search and Analytics

Search marketing and content marketing complement each other nicely. You have a long-term SEO project with excellent overall results. However, the volume of organic search traffic varies unexpectedly.

Paid search is a type of digital marketing in which search engines like Google and Bing allow advertisers to place advertisements on their search results pages (SERPs). Beyond keyword rankings, marketing teams can demonstrate what matters most: how organic search generates revenue and profit for the company. 

SEO Team: Don’t go off the rails 

This is not a good idea in an SEO team. 

People, you see, can stray off track at times. Communication falls, no one understands what the other one is up to, weekly meetings are missed, and so on.

SEO may have fallen out of favour. In these situations, one person may go rogue and begin working on SEO on their own. This can be risky, especially if the individual in charge isn’t the most knowledgeable. 

Try to understand what is happening in your team, and don’t go off your way. Then, you continue to be on a team to have a successful SEO effort.

Wrapping Up

Every second, Google receives about 63,000 searches. So naturally, we desire our website to come up first in the right searches, which means we need to pay attention to our SEO.

However, it needs thorough research and an exact plan to build an SEO team and successful SEO efforts. Are you thinking of starting it but don’t know how to begin the process?

This is your sign! The above tips and guidance are helpful to get you started.

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