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What could you learn about SEO in 7 minutes?

I’ll get to that in a second, but first:

This week has been weird for 2 reasons so far:

1) Google still talks about their page experience update, now from a desktop perspective
2) I managed to hurt my right eye with a covid face mask (yes, it probably looked as funny as it sounds)

… but back to Google:

You might have heard from Google that their page experience update, to be rolled out between June – August 2021, also affects desktop.

There were folks out there that were shocked … Google had been focusing on mobiles so far when they talked about topics like page experience and Core Web Vitals.

For us here at SEOLeverage, this wasn’t “+++BREAKING NEWS+++” for a simple reason:


Even though your site might get 60 or 70% mobile traffic or more, there’s still the other 30% that Google also wants to have a great user experience when performing a search.

Here’s the good thing though:
If your site does well on mobiles, chances are it’s performing exceptionally well on the desktop already – still run a page speed check though to confirm, I’ve hardly seen a site doing well on mobile and really bad on desktop devices.

If you’re on top of things (or have someone to stay on top of your SEO game) you’re probably already prepared for the page experience update anyway, and will probably get a boost in traffic – or that’s what Google promises.

I’ve recently been invited by Lead Generation and Marketing Guru Tom Poland to his podcast over at Leadsology to talk about how we help our clients stay ahead of their SEO curve by applying our ERICA framework, check it out – it’s the most compact SEO information in exactly 6:58 minutes (Tom congratulated me afterward on saving 2 seconds).

Here it is:https://www.leadsology.guru/podcast/how-to-get-consistent-seo-results-by-applying-the-erica-framework-in-just-7-minutes-with-gert-mellak/

PS: My right eye feels better now, thanks for your compassionate thoughts 😉